WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard won’t toe the line

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The most interesting Democrat presidential candidate to date is Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii). She maintains her own autonomy and refuses to mouth Democrat talking points if she doesn’t believe them.

She is willing to be bad-mouthed by her own party – as when she decided to vote present for impeachment, rather than to fall into line with almost all of her Democratic colleagues. Gabbard says things that Republicans can agree with, which is not very true for any of the other Democrat presidential candidates.


Spirit of individualism

Gabbard’s spirit of individualism is attractive to freedom-loving Americans who might be tempted to root for her to get the Democratic nomination. She is willing to vote her conscience in the face of withering Democrat criticism.

The war in Afghanistan

Gabbard is patriotic. She served in the US Army and now serves as a major in the National Guard Reserves. When she speaks about the military, she has gravitas and credibility.

Her views on getting our soldiers out of Afghanistan make sense and are appealing to folks on the left and the right. Donald Trump said much the same thing long before he even thought of running for president.

Gabbard doesn’t pull punches

It seems refreshing to Republicans that Gabbard is willing to point out the hypocrisy of fellow Democrats like Kamala Harris who put people in jail for using marijuana and then laughed about using it herself.

Since Gabbard is willing to do things based on her own opinions, perhaps someday she will come around to some conservative views, but for now, she is no conservative.

Gabbard is still a leftist Democrat

Here are some of the Democrat positions Gabbard supports:

  • Free community college for all
  • Free 4-year college education for middle-class and low-income students
  • The US should rejoin the Paris Climate Accord
  • Nuclear power should not be considered until a solution for the waste is found
  • Carbon Neutrality goals of the Green New Deal
  • National Minimum Wage of $15
  • Universal Basic Income with a government check for every American
  • Open to eliminating the Electoral College
  • Lowering the voting age to 16
  • Co-sponsored Medicare For All Act (but doesn’t want to eliminate private insurance)
  • Wants to protect Dreamers
  • Thinks a border wall is unnecessary (but does believe we need stronger border security)

So, no matter how refreshing and entertaining, a Gabbard presidency will still mean catastrophic expenditures for the US government and the private sector. The Green New Deal, Medicare for all and free college for most add up to a recipe for disaster. The US can’t afford any of the Democrats for president, not even Tulsi.

Even Saturday Night Live gets it right sometimes. Watch the Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris rivalry.

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