The Democratic primary is still on, and it still looks bad for the Democrats

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In the midst of all the hype and fearmongering surrounding the coronavirus, candidates are still running to win the Democrat nomination though they have canceled rallies due to fear of the virus. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are having a hard time getting attention. Tulsi Gabbard is being shunned by the party, but she is still in the running.

Sanders doesn’t have much of a chance to win now that the entire Democrat establishment has thrown their support behind Biden. The former candidates that have endorsed Biden include Andrew Yang, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Michael Bloomberg, and others. Elizabeth Warren has yet to endorse anyone.

Tucker Carlson offers his theory that Sanders is weak and that is why he can’t win the nomination.

Biden seems a sad choice for the Democrats as he is obviously displaying cognitive decline, evidenced by his many and continuing gaffes. Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza recently discussed how the Democrat party had a choice between a “clinical” nut (Biden) and an “ideological” nut (Sanders).

D’Souza argues that there isn’t a lot of difference between Biden and Sanders ideologically, but Sanders made the mistake of saying what he believes out loud and Biden hides his socialism, which makes him the preferred candidate for the Democrat Party.

Belligerent Biden

Biden also continues to display belligerence when asked questions he doesn’t like. In the latest incident, he tells a union member in Michigan that he is full of sh*t when the man accused Biden of infringing his and other’s 2nd amendment rights.

No women in the race

In other sad news, the party of identity politics is lamenting the fact that there are no more women running for the nomination, completely ignoring Tulsi Gabbard.

Nancy Pelosi wants a woman to run for president. Elizabeth Warren believes she was the last woman to leave the race, lamenting that little girls will no longer have anyone to look up to. Kamala Harris also claimed there are no women in the race. All of this is news to Tulsi Gabbard, who is still running for the nomination.

Gabbard describes herself as a woman of color and the first female combat veteran to run for president. She seems to check all the boxes for the diversity party, but to the Democrat establishment, Gabbard is invisible.

Gabbard does not stand a chance of becoming the Democrat nominee, but she continues to run to keep important issues like regime change wars on the table because Sanders and Biden won’t.


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