Billionaire George Soros blasted for meddling in California elections

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Leftist billionaire George Soros has long been suspected of using his vast wealth to fund and promote progressive causes and groups across the country.

Now it appears that he is pouring millions of dollars into non-partisan local district attorney races in California in an effort to influence the outcome of those elections.

According to The Daily Wire, a group of prosecutors in the state have grown alarmed over the development and are calling the billionaire out for dumping money on and politicizing those typically inexpensive and non-partisan contests.

Michele Hanisee, president of the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys, recently posted editorials to her organization’s website which warned of how Soros was attempting “to buy the criminal justice system” in certain parts of California.

She specifically noted his efforts at influencing local district attorney races in places like Alameda, Sacramento, San Diego and Yolo counties, backing candidates who openly subscribed to his progressive agenda.

Hanisee noted that those races are usually “lightly financed” and focus largely on personal qualifications and promises to enforce existing laws, leaving lawmaking decisions up to the legislature.

But Soros is putting big money behind candidates that are promising not to enforce certain laws that go against the progressive agenda, such as a $1.5 million contribution to a political action committee called California Justice & Public Safety.

That PAC is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of a San Diego County candidate who openly declared she wouldn’t enforce low-level crimes and who has called “mass incarceration” a “public health epidemic.”

The PAC is also spending similar amounts of money in other counties to try and unseat non-partisan incumbent district attorneys that enforce existing laws, to be replaced with openly declared Democrats who are openly hostile toward local police forces and in favor of liberalizing drug policies and weakening criminal penalties.

Hanisee’s group warned in an ironic play on the PAC’s name that Soros was funding “a new assault on criminal justice and public safety.”

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“Soros’ goal is to use his vast wealth to fund last minute campaign ads and subvert the democratic process, benefiting criminals at the expense of law-abiding citizens,” Hanisee wrote. “He has succeeded in electing anti-law enforcement candidates in 12 of the 14 elections he has bankrolled nationwide.”

California’s primary election in which these district attorney races are decided will be held on June 5. Hopefully, Soros’ leftist influence can be countered or muted between now and then.

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