Roseanne Barr shares selfies, health update with fans

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Actress Roseanne Barr was on top of the world earlier this year as her self-titled sitcom reboot on ABC was doing incredibly well — until it was abruptly canceled after the comedian posted a joke on Twitter about former Obama administration advisor Valerie Jarrett that some considered to be racist.

Barr seemed to blame her “racist” tweet on her use of the powerful Ambien sleep aid drug and a history of mental illness, but in a pair of selfies posted to social media over the weekend, the former star seemed to signal that she is in much better health these days.

Social media selfies

According to Fox News, the first post from Barr was a selfie in a decently-lit room with a caption that simply read, “Hello.”

The second selfie, posted to Twitter about five hours later, featured a much darker room in the background but a still-brightly beaming smile from the actress with a caption that read: “got new Dr.’s and am doing better now. Thanks everyone!”

Mental health issues

Barr did not provide further specifics as to what she meant by her tweets, but the reference to new doctors and “doing better now” was interpreted by many of her supporters as being in relation to the mental health issues she claimed to have long suffered from in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier in the year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barr joined Hannity for a lengthy interview on his program in June and suggested her use of Ambien was to blame for the questionable tweet that got her fired from ABC and her popular program cancelled.

On top of that Ambien usage, Barr also stated that she suffered from a mental health condition known as dissociative identity disorder and a vitamin deficiency, which she believed contributed to her being in a “dark place” mentally at the time of the career-ending tweet.

Presumably, the “new doctors” that have Barr feeling as though she is “doing better now” have prescribed her some new medications, and perhaps even weaned her off of her old ones.

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Mental health issues are no laughing matter and aren’t to be taken lightly, and we applaud Barr for publicly facing her problems head-on as she attempts to manage the issue.

Hopefully, she truly is “doing better now” and will continue to improve, as she has a lot of fans and supporters who are praying for her health and well-being.

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