Picture surfaces exposing President Clinton’s collusion with China

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There has been much talk over the past two years of alleged “Russian collusion” involving the Trump campaign in 2016 and how it is an absolute travesty that foreign nations would interfere or meddle in America’s sacred electoral process.

While Democrats are apoplectic and outraged about President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, they really didn’t have much to say 25 years ago about the provable “collusion” that occurred between former President Bill Clinton and China. But pictures speak louder than words, and there’s one picture in particular that brings home the ugly reality of how Bill Clinton sold out the Chinese. 

The National Monitor featured the photo in a piece that recalled the now conveniently largely forgotten “China-gate” scandal involving Clinton and foreign financial support ahead of his re-election bid in 1996.


On the advice of Indonesian business associates with ties to China, Clinton named Chinese-American businessman John Huang to a senior administration position as undersecretary of Asian affairs at the U.S. Commerce Department. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that Huang doubled as a spy for Chinese military intelligence, a fact that may or may not have been known when Huang was appointed to his role in the administration that allowed him access to classified information.

A Justice Department investigation into Huang unearthed quite a scheme which involved a number of Chinese nationals who’d made significant financial contributions to Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, contributions that often came in exchange for favorable business or political agreements.

screenshot / National Monitor


Pictured above is President Clinton with then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin during a 1997 summit in which the leaders praised the development of a “constructive strategic partnership” between the two nations, one which saw the U.S. cooperate with China on a host of issues that ultimately proved beneficial to China and detrimental to the U.S.

The picture is striking: an authoritarian communist leader with the leader of the US standing behind him – almost in his hip pocket as it were – making the definitive gestures of a tyrant who expects to be obeyed. In short, it sums up Clinton’s relationship with China – that of a toady eager to serve and support a dangerous dictatorship.

Many of the Chinese nationals discovered in the scheme were “cut-outs” that served as business intermediaries who covertly served the interests of the communist Chinese government while scoring favorable deals and maintaining an air of “plausible deniability” of any “official” contacts between the Clinton administration and the foreign government.


Dozens of people were ultimately implicated in the foreign financial plot, including Clinton associate James Riady — one of the Indonesian businessmen — who illegally funneled nearly $1 million in illegal foreign campaign contributions to various Democrats between 1992 and 1996.

Huang reportedly raised upwards of $3 million from the Asian-American community on behalf of Clinton and Democrats, much of it from shady business people and military personnel with links to the Chinese government.

The Clinton Justice Department largely glossed over the matter, and though Congressional Republicans pressed for investigations into the scandal — even calling for an independent special counsel investigation, which was refused by then-Attorney General Janet Reno — their zeal to pursue the matter died off when Republican President George W. Bush was elected in 2000.

Ultimately, no member of the Clinton administration — other than Huang — or DNC was ever held to account for their role in the China-gate scandal, even as some 22 people were eventually prosecuted for illegal campaign contributions in the obvious conspiracy that was never called a conspiracy — and despite dozens of other implicated individuals fleeing the country or going into hiding, the matter was largely dropped, ignored and swept under the rug by the media.

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If a lot of this sounds similar to what is being heard today in regard to Trump and Republicans accepting illegal campaign assistance from Russians in exchange for favorable business and political deals — which obviously haven’t occurred, just look at the economic sanctions, energy production and military pressure — that is because what is alleged about Trump is a mirror image of what Clinton and the Chinese actually did.

The only difference is, there is still no real evidence of “Russian collusion” involving Trump while there was ample evidence of Clinton’s collusion with China.

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