Nancy Pelosi on invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump: ‘That’s a good idea’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested during her weekly presser on Thursday that someone needs to stage an “intervention” on President Donald Trump “for the good of the country” — and she didn’t stop there.

After being pressed by reporters about what this “intervention” would involve, Pelosi found herself admitting that invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office may be a “good idea” after all.

Democrats keep coming back to the idea of the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president, alongside Congress or the president’s Cabinet, to remove a president from office who is deemed incapable of performing his or her duties.

While Pelosi has been hesitant to support impeachment efforts, it seems she doesn’t mind the idea of Trump being removed from the White House in other ways.

An intervention?

At one point during her Thursday question-and-answer session with the media, Pelosi expressed her concern for the president’s state of mind and said she hopes someone in Trump’s circle will step in.

“I pray for the president of the United States,” she said. “I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

Pelosi went on to assert that she was truly concerned about the president’s mental well-being before suggesting that Trump’s behavior toward her and Democrats is a sign that “maybe he wants to take a leave of absence” from the White House.

Pelosi gets confused

Later in the press conference, a reporter sought to clarify Pelosi’s earlier remarks about an “intervention.” But Pelosi misheard what the reporter said and assumed he had broached the topic of the 25th Amendment.

“OK, the what intervention?” Pelosi stammered. “Oh, I thought you said statutory intervention. That would be good, Article 25,” she joked.

She went on: “That’s a good idea, I’m glad you suggested it. I’ll take it up with my caucus, not that they haven’t been thinking about it. But your support will be important to them.”

Take a look for yourself:

It seems Democrats have found themselves unable to compete with Trump on a number of fronts, so they have resorted to personal attacks and smears against his state of mind as a way to diminish his popularity.

How’s that working out for you so far, Nancy?

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