Ilhan Omar files for divorce amid allegations of extramarital affair

Speculation about Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s murky — and possibly fraudulent — marital history has persisted, largely due to Omar’s refusal to entertain questions on the subject.

Things may soon reach a point where Omar will have to come clean about her marital status, however. She has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband, just over a month after having disavowed rumors of their separation and imminent permanent split.

Divorce papers filed

On Friday, Omar filed a petition for divorce from her husband and the father of her children, Ahmed Hirsi, the Daily Caller reported.

That news follows reports from July suggesting that Omar and Hirsi were separated and had been living apart since earlier this year.

The divorce filing also comes roughly five weeks after the congresswoman denied to a local reporter in Minneapolis that she had separated from Hirsi or was involved in another relationship outside of her marriage.

In response to those questions, Omar replied, “No, I am not. And like I said yesterday, I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue.”

Curious history

Omar may have “no interest” in talking about her personal life, but plenty of Americans have real questions about the troubling claims that have been reported.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned questions posed this summer by local journalists in Omar’s hometown followed on the heels of explosive allegations that she was engaged in an extramarital affair with Tim Mynett, a political consultant working on behalf of her campaign.

Mynett’s wife subsequently filed for divorce and in her petition claimed that her husband had professed his love for Omar and had been traveling around the country with her.

If true, that relationship in and of itself could spell trouble for Omar, as it appears that she may have improperly used campaign funds to finance personal trips and other elements of her affair with Mynett.

Questions mount

Mind you, we haven’t even delved into the problematic allegations surrounding Omar’s prior marriage to a man named Ahmed Elmi, who some suspect — with some supporting evidence — may actually have been her brother, an arrangement purportedly entered into for the purposes of immigration, tax and student loan fraud.

It would be nice if Omar would one day sit down and clear up all of the lingering concerns about her background and provide honest answers, but that seems unlikely to occur — at least voluntarily — anytime soon.