Larry Kudlow confirms Trump ‘wants to take a look’ at purchasing Greenland

When it was first floated by the media last week that President Donald Trump had expressed an interest in the United States purchasing Greenland, a largely-autonomous territory owned by Denmark, the idea was widely mocked as a joke and dismissed as utterly unserious.

But chief White House economics adviser Larry Kudlow revealed on Fox News Sunday that not only was the president seriously considering the proposition, but also explained that such a purchase had the potential to offer tremendous benefits to the U.S. in terms of national security and access to natural resources.

Trump “wants to take a look” at buying Greenland

Speaking with guest host Dana Perino on the topic of a Greenland purchase, Kudlow said, “It’s an interesting story, it’s developing, we’re looking at it, we don’t know.”

“Years ago Harry Truman wanted to buy Greenland. Denmark owns Greenland, Denmark is an ally,” he continued. “Greenland is a strategic place, up there, and they got a lot of valuable minerals.”

“I don’t want to predict an outcome, I’m just saying that the president — who knows a thing or two about buying real estate — wants to take a look at a potential Greenland purchase,” Kudlow added.

Militarily strategic

As noted, the idea was initially mocked both on social media and among the establishment press, but as an op-ed from The Washington Examiner suggests, Kudlow was correct to point out that Greenland would be an incredibly strategic and beneficial acquisition for the United States for both economic and military reasons, something that at least one of Trump’s Oval Office predecessors also realized.

Former President Harry Truman attempted to purchase Greenland from Denmark for $100 million following the end of World War II, but that deal fell through.

One of the reasons Truman wanted to buy Greenland was its key location near the Arctic Circle, from which the island territory could essentially serve as a massive base for missile defense systems, early-warning radars and satellites to guard against nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles fired over the North Pole from Russia or China.

Greenland was also viewed as an ideal hedge against Russian expansion into the Arctic region in pursuit of its own strategic and economic ambitions.

Resource-rich land

In terms of economic benefits, Greenland is an incredibly resource-rich island that has been blessed with an abundance of not just carbon-based fossil fuels that are necessary for the U.S. to remain energy independent, but also with so-called rare earth minerals that are increasingly vital to the development and production of high-tech innovations. These minerals are found and processed in only few other places around the globe, and China is already a dominant player in the market.

A purchase of Greenland would also be beneficial to Greenlanders themselves, as there would no doubt be a massive influx of U.S. investment dollars and an increase in tourism that would enrich the people living there beyond anything previously experienced.

To be sure, both Greenland and Denmark have said that the territory is not for sale, but as any businessman knows, everything has a price, and if Trump is truly serious about bringing Greenland into the fold as a U.S.-owned territory, the negotiator in chief may just make Denmark and Greenland an offer they simply can’t refuse.