Americans are done with the lockdowns – they’ll take their chances

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It’s Memorial Day and Americans are out of their homes in massive numbers. Many have headed for the water, mobbing beaches, boat ramps and other water sources to celebrate in the sun. Some videos of beaches and parks reveal that “social distancing” is not being practiced and there are few face masks to be seen.

Due to what many are citing as “lockdown fatigue,” many Americans seem to have adopted the attitude of “I’ll take my chances,” as they mingle with the world again. Many states, like Arkansas, had very few cases of the virus, and are starting to rebel against the idea that they have to be locked down at all.

The Republican governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, never did issue a stay-at-home order, and the number of cases in that state is just over 5,000, with only 115 deaths, even after a second “spike” in cases.

Alarming, shocking, blatant, frightening, defiance are words that some reporters are using to describe the gatherings at beaches, and other water features. But if you look at the videos closely, people, in most cases are forming pods and keeping their distance from other pods.

In California, a blue state, beaches are being patroled and monitored by law enforcement to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing is mandatory, and state beach parking lots are closed to minimize visitors.  California, a state of almost 40 million, has had an unexpectedly low number of COVID-19 deaths.

Dr. Deborah Birx, a member of the White House Coronavirus Response Team, encouraged people to go outside and play on Memorial Day weekend, but she also reminded people to practice social distancing. In cases where social distancing is not possible, she urged that people wear face masks.

Experts worry that the effects of Memorial Day activities will take weeks to assess. Time will tell.


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  1. Our leaders have been wrong every step of the way. It’s time to open everything Up and let the America people decide what path to take. Giving up our freedom is not the answer!

    1. As Benjamin Franklin said: “They who are willing to give up their liberty for a bit of safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I stand with Ben!

      1. I stand with ben too. We are smart enough to know how to take care of our health. The cdc has been wrong the entire time. Fire these so called experts. How many counted died from the annual flu?

      2. Love it Carol. I knew that saying but couldn’t remember who said it. Thanks! I’m with him. Ronald Regan also said “ you can have safety or freedom but can’t have both”. I choose freedom!

    2. You are so right! I’ve been trying to tell people this for months, but the media has so many people terrified!

    3. It’s not necessarily our leaders but the advice that they got from the so called “experts” When they realized the errors from the experts, the President turned it around, verified to make sure of the risks, and formed a plan with the minimal risk and presented it. Unfortunately, the States with democratic Governors did not heed the logic and power grabbed to be big shots and created all the havoc. When the President saw this, he stepped up and had to get tough because the Governors were being bullys. There was a method to his madness which I know most Conservatives see, and that was to allow the democrat Governors to hang themselves while they made fools of themselves. That being said, he has shown those citizens of those States how it feels to be “ruled” by these power mongers and it will only help the Conservatives in all States come November. Even the States with Sanctuary Cities are starting back down. I live in stinkin- Gavin Country and cannot wait for it to get back to work, back to, well a semblance of order but I am glad it has shown those liberals how miserable the dimms have made our State because of the dimms decisions. Plus, I need a haircut so bad!

  2. This Nonsense has gone on way to long!! It’s past time for us to admit that we have been DUPED!! CHINA, DEMOCRATS AND THE MSM PLANNED THIS VIRUS!! IT HAS TAKEN SOME LONGER THAN OTHERS TO REALIZE THAT FACT!! SOME WILL NEVER ADMIT IT!!

    1. It’s so obviously political rather than medical.
      Throws common sense right out the window
      Democrats would do anything to get rid of President
      Trump.The Best President Ever!.

  3. This whole scam has been orchestrated to destroy the small businesses and low to mid-level income people. All a bunch of BS…
    We will never be able to undo the injustices they have perpetrated on the American people. Those who have done this MUST BE ELIMINATED come November.

    1. I so hope and pray that the multitudes see that obvious truth. We cannot give any Democrat the opportunity to have this much control, EVER AGAIN. They will do anything to turn the USA into a Communist country. Since public schools are no longer able to teach about Communism, we are so in danger of this happening to our America.

  4. This was a very poor decision the government lock down. We have found out just how corrupt and nasty some of our politicians are. Especially in States where the governor’s were democrats. They turned into perfect Nazi trash. They were hard nose in the lock down for American citizens but had different rules for themselves. Between the media pouring out crap that we were in this together and threats from politicians it was a major fubar. It showed who were sheep and willing to give up their freedom for a little security. This is America and no little tin god is going to take away our freedom and the right to choose and think for ourselves. The closures was a major fubar. This must not happen again.

    1. Problem is so many people believe it and say “they are just trying to keep us safe”. The masks are a joke too. But it seems like majority are fooled. Good to hear I’m not alone. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I’ll take my chances….. OPEN UP WISCONSIN ALL THE WAY NOW……,. Our Governor Evers and Milwaukee Health Director are trying to keep parts of our state shut….. also not every business has been open….. and limiting customers to 25 – 50%….. the business owners are not going to be able to recover…..

  6. It amazes me that since this virus started here 8plus weeks ago and the shelves of disinfectant and bleach were and still are empty, that covid19 is still around us . With all this sterilization going on it should have been wiped out by now. Is there something the media is not telling us or won’t report the real facts.

    1. Here in Idaho with a population of 1.8 Million we’ve had less than 80 death’s!!!!! They have more from the regular flu! Thank God our Governor opened our State up the 1st of May.

  7. Good for these people, this whole thing was exaggerated all for control. FUNNY thing the Democrat’s just blocked a committee to investigate how China covered this up, reason being they didn’t cover it up, Democrat’s were behind this, in my opinion. AND I’m entitled to my opinion!!!! At least for NOW 🤢

  8. When it came to toilet paper sanitiser was all being shipped to the bigger states in Australia some of it was to do with money the other was greed and panic buying in the bigger cities here in south Australia we should never had run out of toilet paper because we produce it here but it all went across the border till their shelves were stocked and panic buying was stopped with control put in place they should have put controls in place before the panic buying the government was incompetent but so were the managers of big retailers

  9. The big toilet paper hoarding was a hoot. Since when has toilet paper been a hot bartering item? I would think canned goods and ammunition would be a more intelligent choice. I didn’t panic buy any of it. Had plenty of toilet paper as I buy a couple of big packs at the beginning of the month and that is plenty to last. I didn’t even run low.

  10. Yes, this corona thing was a farce and was set up by the Communists and the Liberterds for their own desires. This was supposed to have made us want to call on them for our lively hood and welfare.
    Screw the stupid Communist and Liberturds.

  11. My husband (age 90) and I (age 79) are not staying at home. We only wear masks if demanded by the grocery store, but not when we travel out of town. We have had his 90th Birthday Party on March 21 and enjoyed the company of ten family members. We are not afraid of the Corona Virus any more than the flu. No we never get flu shots either. So sorry to see people afraid and lonely due to the lockdowns.

    1. Tell your husband Happy Belated Birthday and many more, from a California 75 year old and bless you.

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