America needs a haircut!

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In defiance of state authorities, salon owner Shelley Luther, just reopened her business in Dallas, explaining that it is her right to earn money and care for her family. She said she has bills to pay and has been unsuccessful in getting help.

She said: “I understand that you guys have a job to do. I don’t fault you for that. We appreciate everything, we’re on your side obviously. You guys do a great job and we’re going to comply. And do everything you want us to do, except to close.”

Luther closed her “non-essential” business along with other salons on March 22, following a Dallas County order. But she is willing to risk citations and fines to open up. Governor

Gregg Abbott has not indicated when in-person services will be allowed, so Luther is taking things into her own hands. Many customers and others came to the opening to show their support for her.

The police also showed up and cited Luther for violating the county order. They came back later with a cease and desist letter, but Luther said she is not ceasing nor will she pay the fine. Luther said:

“I want them to know that we have rights. I am not doing anything criminal. If you cannot afford to pay us, and feed our families and help us because the systems are so backlogged, then you have to let us work.”

Some are critical of Luther’s actions, accusing her of putting others at risk, but she insists that she is providing a safe environment for the stylists and the customers. Both customers and stylists wear masks. Waiting customers stay in their cars until their turn.

Stylists change gloves after each customer and wash their hands frequently. Stations are six feet apart. As Luther said, she is following all the safety measures, except that a stylist and customer cannot maintain a six-foot distance.

Other salons remain closed, but they can’t stay closed forever. The sooner that the government figures out how to reopen, the better.


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  1. You expressed yourself well without any angry. Just determined to earn
    a living based on our Constitution. Boy, our Forefathers certainly understood
    human nature & politics. God Bless you!

  2. An appropriate opening of her salon with adequate protection for staff and patrons. We need more citizens to defy the broad “stay home, stay healthy” edicts that ruin small “nonessential” businesses unnecessarily.

    My son runs a small landscaping business, deemed “nonessential”. His only other business with a large corporation that is essentially shut down.

  3. She was RIGHT. This entire shutdown was a hoax also, the CCP and UN, WHO and the Globalists remain our avowed enemies that are in need of termination for their perfidy.

  4. I agree with her totally! I’m in Ohio and doesn’t look like ours are going to open anytime soon. Dentist are open, doctors offices are open. I’m sorry but if salon’s take precautions such as she has, I see no reason not to be open.

  5. I agree that if she can’t get help for taking care of her family then one must work. Many people right now are needing their hair cut, etc. I am lucky that I am good with my hair, so it is no big deal, however, many people out there aren’t and therefore they feel a hair salon is essential to people. One always feels better when their hair looks nice. People can hold a mask over their nose and mouth while being taken care by the salon, so to me I believe hair salons should be opened.

  6. She is absolutely right we need the country to give back our rights we need to work be safe and stay healthy. God bless

  7. Stick to your guns. Don’t let your rights be taken from you. It will be a very money generating source if they elect Togo after you. Good Luck… Don

  8. I agree with her. She is right. The government can’t take care of all of us but they can sure break us emotionally, economically and cause families to pull apart. I think every bureaucrat and politician should feel the economic pain and lose their pay and perks. I bet they would find a solution quickly if that happened. Instead they get paid by us and use a hammer against us. She is making it work as well as she knows how. Americans can figure it out with some good sound advice. So government, put your hammers away and work with us. Don’t tell us we can’t work. Unless you are willing to pay the same price as the American people do.

  9. She is right . How about all our so called leaders give up their PayChecks for seven wks and see what you are missing !! But of course you have plenty of money!!! That we the people Pay you!!!!!

  10. She is absolutely right! We have rights and we all NEED to make a living. My husband’s business was deemed an essential business, so he has been operating all along and we have not been, or felt, at risk, or that we are putting others at risk ( because we aren’t). People need to quit buying all the fake news and get back to work. The dems want this shutdown to continue to ruin the economy. Stand up for your rights!

  11. Thank God for people with courage and common sense. I pray there will be a host of other like minded business owners that will exercise our right to civil disobedience against these nonsensical “orders”.

  12. Go Ms. Luther! I agree with you. Every business should be open. There is never an acceptable reason to lock down America Land of the Free. We are no in Russia or China. Every one and every business is essential!

  13. More americans should follow her lead. Russian hoax,
    Ukranian hoax,
    Now COV19 or what I call it the China Virus bc that’s what it is! It’s
    about getting Trump OUT so they can be in Power again. Fauci and the scarf lady are chummy with H.C. Poor President Trump is Surrounded by the Enemy. These politicians are out of control. I hope they ALL get their Karma asap, but especially Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler and “All” the Fake democrat Media who are their mouthpiece and puppets that they control. They spew propaganda, they are not journalist and all they do is LIE!!! It’s Disgraceful!

  14. I agree with her, she needs the money, has the constitutional right, has it going according to code, nothing wrong with that! This is all Dr. Faucis fault anyway. He was very misleading in the beginning, could have been way down the line with this! Gave Governors the idea they could get away with this. A plot from the beginning to take over America, Democrats seized the chance to use the pandemic for their own good. Same with Fauci.

  15. Absolutely right on. I hope Iowa steps up and let’s “NON ESSENTIAL WORK ” go back to work or its time for us workers to cross line and get to work.

  16. Elected officials & politicians should not be receiving paychecks during this lockdown of the people!!!

  17. Most of these elected buffoons should be receiving the last of their hog trough wages. Remember them come next election.

  18. I ABSOLUTELY agree with her. America must get back to work. Most of the measures taken by many governors, CA IL, NM, MI, Maine, are un-constitutional & should not be obeyed. Rah, Rah, America. “Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go.”

  19. Great Depression is setting in because we see ourselves looking so shabby in addition to being challenged along with money being scarce. Tipping it all off, the facts don’t add up. Cheating on Covid-19 cases to make it look much worse. Looks like way more “mild” cases with great number of complete recoveries. ALL DEATHS being called Virus! Looks like another attempt to “GET” Trump. Democrats want to extend lockdown, hmm wonder why? Have you had enough yet, people? Do you see who is for you and who is for themselves? I. The end God will prevail, but we are seeing our God given right to free will exhibited. We must pray! God less all who are affected by the virus and make our nation whole again.

  20. Hooray for her! I wish more people would be brave and defy these over controlling Gustopo’s and put them in their place.
    Wish my beauty shop would open. It’s becoming rebellion time!!!!

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