WATCH: The real existential threat is the FBI

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In the whirlwind that is impeachment, it is easy to miss the import of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee on his report about the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign and Carter Page. Those revelations about the FBI are actually more important than the Democrats sham impeachment.

If you get beyond the talking points that the Democrats skimmed from the surface of the report, you will find some disturbing evidence of a rogue law enforcement agency that is an existential threat. It’s a threat with the potential to destroy the republic that created it.

If you stop listening to Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and James Comey on CNN and really listen to Mr. Horowitz when he quietly answers that no one that touched this investigation is vindicated, you will begin to understand the enormity of what these agents did to Carter Page, President Trump, our national security, and us.

Horowitz is a master of cagey understatement, which makes it easy to think he is actually saying there isn’t much of a problem with how the FBI handled the FISA court and the investigation of Carter Page and the Trump campaign. You might think that the source of the Steele Dossier was legitimate and a good reason to start the investigation of the Trump campaign. But you would be wrong, and you would need to listen more carefully to the hearing and particularly the questions from the Republicans on the Judiciary committee to Mr. Horowitz.

In the video below, Catherine Herridge, former Fox News investigative journalist, who is now working for CBS, shares her key takeaways from the hearing of IG Michael Horowitz. She speaks carefully, does not exaggerate, and does not tell anyone what to think, so you have to listen carefully to draw your own conclusions.

Herridge goes into the history of the current investigative tools available to the FBI, explaining that their current powers were implemented by then FBI Director Robert Mueller in response to 9/11. They were designed to break up spy rings and to detect terrorist activities, which of course, are legitimate pursuits for an agency charged with the safety of the American people. But that same agency has now turned those aggressive investigative tools against Americans.

Perhaps the import of Herridge’s report will make you afraid of the power of the FBI as it is. Perhaps it will cause you to look to FBI Director Christopher Wray for important reforms in the FBI that will make American citizens safer – reforms that will make it harder for the FBI to decide to investigate U.S. citizens on the slimmest of pretexts like the uncorroborated Steele Dossier and then go about ruining their lives.

Certainly, it would make you believe that any agents and officials that have abused their power in the way they did in Crossfire Hurricane should never be allowed to be in those positions of power ever again. Without a purge of those individuals, it will be very hard to have confidence in the FBI.


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