Hillary Clinton spotted dining with Harvey Weinstein after election loss

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The Clintons benefitted financially from their friendship with Democrat financier Harvey Weinstein for years — but now it’s become a liability that just won’t disappear.

Photos that were secretly taken just a few weeks after the 2016 election recently surfaced, showing the Clintons dining in New York City with the now disgraced Hollywood producer.

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Published in the U.K. Daily Mail, the pictures were snapped in a popular Italian restaurant known as Rao’s in Harlem in December 2016, just five weeks after Clinton had lost the election to Donald Trump.

The Clintons were meeting with Weinstein over dinner to discuss a potential TV documentary about Clinton’s failed campaign, according to a New York Times report published in December.

Source: Video Screenshot

It is worth noting that the Clintons’ dinner with Weinstein occurred about 10 months before the Hollywood mogul’s career was utterly destroyed by a flood of rape, sexual assault and harassment allegations from dozens of women in the entertainment industry.

Both Bill and Hillary have feigned ignorance of Weinstein’s behavior, despite having been friends with the man for many, many years.

Their denials also came despite credible reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was warned by some in 2016 to not let Weinstein get too close or involved in the electoral effort, as his gross behavior was an “open secret” that was bound to be fully exposed to the public sooner or later.

Those warnings apparently went unheeded, likely because Weinstein was a major donor to left-wing causes and the Democrat Party.

Indeed, Weinstein had helped raise funds for Clinton’s campaign, donated $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation and even gave $10,000 to former President Bill Clinton’s defense fund while he faced impeachment.

Thus, his atrocious behavior was ignored in favor of partisan politics — at the expense of the many women who Weinstein has been accused of mistreating.

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In all likelihood, Bill and Hillary Clinton were well aware of what kind of man Weinstein truly was, but placed a greater importance on his financial backing and support.

The recently released pictures of Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein enjoying a dinner together after her 2016 electoral debacle is another reminder of just how unsavory the Clintons and their ilk really are.

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