White House press secretary McEnany scolds Pelosi

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President Trump has a new weapon in his war against the press – brand new press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

McEnany took Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to task during an interview with Fox and Friends recently. Several topics were covered, among them the WHO, Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and coronavirus antibody testing.

McEnany defended and affirmed the president’s decision to halt funding to the WHO earlier this week. Pelosi opposed the move and said it was illegal. McEnany struck back, debunking the idea that the halt is illegal, and pointing out that Congress appropriated the money for the president to apply at his discretion.

McEnany reiterated the argument for the halt, saying that the WHO politicized the coronavirus, covered for China and allowed the virus to spread all over the world. Not only should the US halt funding, but the president and all nations should hold the WHO accountable.

Congress is on an extended recess, and McEnany called them to get back to Washington D.C. and work with the president. She referred to the viral video of Pelosi showing off her expensive stash of chocolate ice cream stored in her expensive freezer and called Congress to work to fund the Small Business loan program which is running out of money. Congress needs to shoulder some of the burdens of the coronavirus mess, too.

Antibody testing

When asked about coronavirus antibody testing, McEnany explained how much testing for the virus had been done, but was vague about the testing capacity. A new study out of Stanford University is substantiating the idea that many more people have had the coronavirus than were previously thought.

Antibody testing on a large scale will give Americans a better measuring stick with which to view the scale of the virus throughout the country, and it will affect the death rate numbers in the US.

At this point, it looks like the models used so far have vastly overestimated the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to the coronavirus without the antibody testing. Imagine what the numbers will be like when there is a clearer picture of the number of people infected.

McEnany seems an able defender of President Trump. It should be fun to see her take on the press.


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  2. Go get them guys it’s time somebody stood up to that Bunch told Them how things really are. We have put up with enough of your BS for the last 3 years get your Rear and gear ,get in line and do Your job

  3. Brains and beauty! Pelosi will really hate McEnany. Thank God that we have another strong woman in that position.

  4. I am so thankful that we have a President that puts America and the America People first. I am also thankful for the people who work with/for our President. God Bless you all and give you the strength to fight the evils that you face daily.

  5. It is time for the American people to stand up to these idiots. Someone out there must be familiar with the laws that guide Congress, and the house in general. Is there anything a loop hole, if you will that gives us the right to challenge this witch in her failure to serve as she took an oath to do when took her elected office. She is not doing the job she was elected to do, she has wasted time in trivial pursuits while the people suffer. She has spent more time trying get rid of our President that she has getting ANYTHING done for us. How can we get rid of her? She is guilty of treason, fighting against her countries best interests? Anyone out there?
    Supporting our elected President, but importantly an American.

    1. VOTE her out, tell anyone you know that lives in her district whay a liar she is and how she is deceifully uding them and they must vote for someone beside her!!!

  6. With all that she has done and NOT DONE, can we not have her tested for insanity along with her best buds???? They both act like spoiled rotten children when they do not get their own way!!!! THEY ARE NOT DOING WHAT THEIR JOB IS!!!!!!

  7. I agree with all of you lts get rid of her and her idiot buddies, by force if need be.

    i agree with all of you, lets get rid of excess

    1. i feel pity for her old soul.
      Power and $ blind her. Very very soon, she’ll die.
      Will power and $save her soul?
      NO. Unless she cries out to GOD now and stop her insanity.

  8. its time to get back to work. i know that alot of working people are taking this very hard, they cant be out of work much longer. im in that boat also.

  9. What is she doing, holding out to give themselves another $3800.00 raise. I am really pissed about this. We the people should decide if Congress gets a raise not themselves.

    1. If I could decide I would dock them their pay for the last 3 years because they did nothing but play games trying to impeach our President and take trips on our taxpayer dollars. Then I would do a recall of all of them and make them all pay 110% taxes back for 40 years. They, of course think they don’t have any consequences, only us but with Judical Watch and our Bill Barr they are wrong!

    2. Right you are. Not like she owns the business. She is suppose to work for US! I say fire her. No raise for any of them!!!

      1. No, Democrats after President JFK, didn’t/dont/won’t work for the US, only work for foreigners. They’re the citizens of nwo. They are in the US to bring chaos, …and then destroy.

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