White House Coronavirus Task Force was supposed to wind down – until it wasn’t

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Update: In a surprising reversal, President Trump has announced that the task force will continue to operate. One can only imagine how the media will spin this reversal. 

Vice-President Mike Pence announced that the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force responsibilities might be shifted to different agencies, including FEMA. FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The task force held almost daily briefings for about a month during the effort to “flatten the curve,” but has briefings are becoming less frequent. Pence explained the timing of the transition.

“I think we’re starting to look at the Memorial Day window, early June window as a time when we could begin to transition back to having our agencies begin to manage—begin to manage our national response in a more traditional manner.”

Unsurprisingly, Democrats found something to criticize. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer:

“It is unthinkable that President Trump would shut down the main task force established to coordinate our nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic while we are still in the midst of figuring out the health and economic implications of this pandemic. It is a shameful abdication of responsibility.”

But winding down the task force makes sense as states make decisions based on their incidence of coronavirus. Hospitals are not in danger of being overwhelmed and ventilators and testing are abundantly available.

The president can turn his attention to the emerging economy after states end their lockdowns. Pence said: “So far, 41 states have announced plans to partially reopen with the other nine planning to release plans soon.”

Critics of ending the lockdown predict that opening the country up could lead to more COVID-19 deaths.

The president responded to his critics:

I’m not saying anything is perfect. And, yes, will some people be affected? Yes. Will some people be affected badly? Yes. But we have to get our country open, and we have to get it open soon.”

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  1. The task force can exist without the hour or more “show and tell” daily sessions. They need to cut back and the reopening group needs to do their thing.


  2. Our President has common sense – one of the reasons so many love him! He is doing his best to navigate this entire mess (something I cannot but feel is very sinister and collaborated by top intelligence to the labs themselves to the Dem Party themselves.) WE CAN open our businesses safely – if WalMart can be open, then they CAN be open also. Crazy people say NO! Common sense people know that less than 1% will die from this (same as flu) and they also know this is a grand set up for the Dems…all very well laid out. Shameful!!

    1. You are correct Rosemarie. The Dems do not want to open the economy. If Trump gets this country going again, this attempt to remove him from office, will fail. And it must. If this mess was being handled by the left, we would all be dead. Dems can only win when they lie and cheat, or create a lie of a disaster. There is more that I believe, but will not write it here.

      1. The world is over populated and needs to be reduced, so this covid-19 is to reduce the population, we are running out of fish and food.

  3. President Trump needs to investigate the 3.7 million that Dr, Fauci approved to give the Wuhan lab even after a moratorium was issued against infectious disease as well as his continued alliance with Bill Gates on their patents on corona virus vaccines. Our economy should never have been shut down.

  4. Shut down Fauci, Bikx and Gates. They are all in collution with China and Dems and are traitors. We don’t believe anything they say and we will not tolerate Gates and his shots and Chipping so we can be tracked and hunted down.

  5. Let that sink in. More mothering from Democrats.
    There is enough fascism at some local governments. Let those that want hide go there.

    The rest of the nation will go forward.

  6. It is my opinion that Dr. Fauci is deep in Vile Scums Obama’s, Clinton’s, Gates’ and Satan George Soros’ pocket. Can’t be trusted! Watch out President Trump he is two faced and is out there to set you and the American people up!

  7. Hey, Hoyer!!! The President did Not shut down the task force!!! You need get back to DC to work so you can know what the H*LL is going on you worthless POC!!!

  8. The reality of all this behind COVID-19 is being miss, everywhere this so called virus has cause major death, they roll out 5G , But that is beside the point the whole reason I see behind calling it a virus that can be spread through touch, is to finally come out and say, the money is spreading it, So we need to go to a cashless form of currency to avoid this kind of wide spread infection. They want to be able to control the wealth of evreyone the only true way of doing this is , place it under computer control, which can be done with digital money. So, they can wipe out any dissent, by erasing the dissenters wealth from the system. This is the most evil false flag they have ever played, using a false virus to get people in a vulnerable position where they can kill off enough people to scare the rest in to surrendering their freedom, whether believe the Christian Bible or not this is the last world global government coming into being right in front of our eyes. We have heard it over and over again follow the money. But it seems no one will listen, how do you control a people , control the economy. That what this is all about ,and if President is not in on it, he needs to awaken and do something fast, for this is where we are headed,

  9. Fauci, needs to go. I didn’t like him from the beginning and like him even less as I hear how crooked he is.

  10. NanXi PelopXi must go. Nothing new from her Devil Party.
    These Demons’ Faith based on: Hate, killing the Babies, killing and stealing from American people then make rooms for illegals like MS-13 to move in. This Devil party mourned for Americans’ killer named Suleiman, and défend China. They are not afraid of committing treasons vs. the US, because their goals seems to focus on how to tear down our nation. Of course their Papa G. Soros is so proud of their evil achievements.
    LONG LIVE JESUS Forever and Ever ✝️ 🙏
    And GOD Bless America. 🧚‍♀️

  11. Dems are failures. I hope and pray the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE will wise up and vote for the REAL AMERICAN PRINCIPLES!!! Show all the fruit cakes we ain’t giving up on the Constitution and the Rule of Law. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  12. I sprinkle a little powdered garlic on my food almost every day and haven’t had a cold or the flu since except one time I got a cold, I went without garlic for about 4 or 5 days, garlic will be depleted out of your body in 3 to 4 days, so you need a little almost every other day to be protected, it kills the cold, and flu viruses, and will kill the corona virus too, a container of powdered garlic should last a family about a year that’s how little you use, had colds and the flu for about 40 years, until I read about garlic, I wished my mom knew about garlic, then I wouldn’t.of had to suffer for so long. If you have coronavirus, have some hot chicken noodle soup, it drys up your sinuses, for breathing

  13. Agr Agree, democrats don’t want people going back to work. Media, will keep the fear out there. They work for SOROS, and the democrats GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. GOD BLESS AMERICA. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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