‘We are f—ing done with people like you’

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The most chilling part of the riots going on in the name of justice is the hateful rhetoric about how evil America is.

The words uttered by a white rioter in Portland show the real intent of a lot of these activists: “We are f—ing done with people like you.” An American dared to take an American flag to a protest in Portland, and some people didn’t like it. A mob assembled and tried to wrest the flag from him, but he held on to it. Not a single Portland police officer moved to help the man.

What did the rioter mean when he said, “We are f—ing done with you?” Was this man a bad cop or are these rioters just done with ordinary Americans? Do they see ordinary Americans, proud of their flag, as the enemy? Wait, we already knew that! Yes, ordinary Americans are the enemies of the progressive, violent, and sometimes antifa mob.

We can thank Andy Ngo for this video. Ngo busies himself documenting the crimes of Antifa. He has suffered from mob violence as last June he was attacked as he was reporting on one of their “protests.” The “protesting” landed him in the ER.

In the ER. pic.twitter.com/spe5N4nzVl

Here is Ngo’s video from the Portland George Floyd protest.

“Protestors” beat business owner with 2×4

Meanwhile, large male “protestors” viciously beat a small female business owner with a 2×4 in New York. Apparently, they were also “done” with people like her. Her husband was also attacked. We can thank James Woods, a celebrity that hasn’t lost his mind, for this tweet.

Some common sense from ordinary Americans

Guns seem to help some business owners fend off the looters, criminals, and Antifa. The Polk County sheriff encouraged gun owners protect themselves if necessary.  He also pointed out that people should be focusing on George Floyd, not stealing their neighbor’s stuff.

Damani Felder, speaks “common sense” as he condemns the violent rioting in black neighborhoods:

We are done with celebrities that support violence

On the other hand, we are done with people who bail out looters and call them protestors:

Justin Timberlake, Steve Carell, Janell Monae, Seth Rogan, and Don Cheadle are among those helping to spring violent “protestors” out of jail to return to the riots to commit more violence. These people were throwing rocks, destroying property, endangering life, but leftist celebrities think they should be helped.

Honor George Floyd

Someone asked why the celebrities weren’t helping the people whose businesses and lives have been destroyed by the riots? Good question.

Maybe they should put their money where their mouths are: Support George Floyd and his old neighborhood. Create a GoFundMe to rebuild Minneapolis or donate to George Floyd’s GoFundMe, where more than $6 million dollars have already been raised for his family.

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  1. This is being done by a bunch of evil liberals. Paid rioters. Maybe a few believe in their true convictions, but most are out to ruin and steal from any business they can. And if you are a Christian, it’s time to repent and ask Christ for His forgiveness. Same with abortion. A Christian should not have blood on their hands by voting these people in office. Anarchy is exactly what this is. Such a shame.

      1. Too many Christians have blood on their hands. They’re aborting babies.
        In the past history the Evangilical Christians voted for Hitler calling him the Messiah, then he turned to kill ~ 6 million Jews.

    1. May be if the News Media would just report whats happening instead of glossing it with their opinions or others opinions we would have more respect for the newa and less contempt for media and possibly less unrest

  2. Too bad THESE ANIMALS decided to Riot and loot!! Instead of a peaceful protest that might have sent a better message. BUT instead property was damaged, innocent people were attacked, and LIVES were lost. Shameful behavior on the part of the LEFT.

    1. Rioters are in t same catagory as the cop who killed Mr. Floyd.
      Time decent folks hand out some real justice to these punks.

      1. (2) Not 1 Cop, but 4 Cops, and they’re not all Whites.
        Mr. Floyd was a former security guard, so what’s the motto of the polices decided to kill Mr. Floyd? Or the polices were ignorant for not knowing what parts of human bodies, they shouldn’t touch, or else it could lead to death?

        (2) Those thug paid protesters maybe created by real powerful Entities, it has to be by the powerful organization like the occult illuminati, the famous name that the whole world talking about, they even have their SIGN on a dollar bill.
        Since, these groups are too irrational and too violent, it may be not an accident, it has to be a strategic planned. Whatever it is, it appears that their motto was “order out of Chaos”, so they can bring the NWO in.
        What happen if later the True comes out that Mr. Floyd was innocent but he was used to be sacrificed to bring riots in, then riots that destroy the nation.
        You know everything could be possible, when countless demons were released from Hell and they are roaming throughout the world to Temp human beings.
        Why God allowed?
        To test our Faith.
        Here comes the persecutions of Christians and the 2nd Amendment. But Have No Fear. Because our GOD is with us. 🙏

    2. These idiots need to be hauled off to a remote island where they can fight and kill each other cause they act like a bunch of animals and savages, this will not be tolerated in our country, now nor ever, so if u want to have no future and be charged alot of money for going to jail, be my guest, plain downright stupid!!

      1. These thugs were created, and were controlled/paid by a very powerful organization, so, we need a new law to prosecute them. It looked like their minds are being controlled by some body.

  3. Our society is circling the toilet if this is acceptable behavior and backed by politicians and Hollywood. The aim of the left is the total destruction of our social structure to rebuild it as a government controlled system Our freedoms and individuality are in grave danger unless the patriots of this nation stand and say No More !!!! Time will tell if we remain a free people or subjects to a tyrannical government

  4. Arm yourself. If the police are unable or reluctant to protect you or your property then it is up to the citizen to defend himself and his property. Shoot the looters and rioters. A primary purpose and responsibility of a government is to protect the life and property of the citizens. When your government does not provide this service it is time to do two things: 1. Arm and protect your self then 2. Vote the incompetent politicians out of office.

  5. If you are a Christian and you vote for democrats I say you do not know what the Bible says.You are to shun the very appearance of evil.All democrats stand for abortion that is just one of the evil they support.Imagine you get to Heaven on Judgement day and God says why did you support the killing of babies created in My Image?Now what do you think He will do?

  6. Protesters should protest, but looters are thieves, arsonists start fires. The latter two are criminals. Martin Luther King, Jr.,got a lot done with peaceful protests. Looters & arsonists only cause anger. Please do not ruin the memory of Mr. Floyd just to fill your pockets.

    1. YES! I ve been saying that since these destructive hateful riots have started …I remember watching Dr. Martin Luther King on tv saying continuously peaceful protests..don’t fight back …. protesters were dragged off ….. but they did win …. the gained voting privelges and things started to change . Both white and Black fought for those freedoms a lot died doing so . my prayers for George Floyds family and friends.. His death was murder and the officiers need to be charged and sentenced for murder with no parole ….and if it is a the death sentence so be it . I am all for peaceful protests that is the right of every citizen . Rioting, burning robbing, killing and destroying property is a crime and should be dealt with … my heart is with my black brothers and sisters…. prejudice and racism is intolerable and against God’s law. I pray for our country this is not tolerated in the land of the free….. the greatest commandment is Love each other as I (Jesus) have loved you !

  7. Some of these young people have no idea the sickness they are unleashing in this country. Maybe they don’t understand that we were once a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. While they destroy business and terrorize good hard working people communist regimes and totalitarian dictatorships are watching and cheering. Every hate act they commit in response to the one already committed brings us one step closer to the end of any sense of freedom we knew. If they truly understood what this nation will look like soon from their actions they might have regrets. Democrats not only want to kill babies. They just want to kill.

  8. THESE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE WE WANT IN AMERICA???!!! NOT MY AMERICA!! If I was there where that lady was being attacked, there would have been 2 DEAD BASTARDS!!!!

  9. Communist insurrection is in full bloom. America still has several Primaries and the General election upcoming. It is time for all patriotic Americans to be sure and VOTE, no excuses for not voting. It is obvious that the Democrat Party has now fully sold out to the communist agenda, and they must be voted out of office by overwhelming numbers; and that will take ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS to go to the polls and VOTE!

  10. The speedy spread of the Minneapolis riot and its metastasis to other far-flung cities tells you that these riots were planned long in advance and the perps were just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Barr and the DOJ and what’s left of the FBI must now do whatever is necessary to identify the hate groups and their financiers and leaders. These criminals must be identified as domestic terrorists and detained at Guantanamo until long after the Nov 3 elections. If enough are arrested and taken into custody the riots will magically cease. It is said by many that George Soros is the major financier of AntiFa and #BLM. Trump has already named AntiFa as a terrorist group, and will now have to fight leftist lawsuits to make the charge stick. If he and Barr can getr trials and gain convictions, this will be their finest hour.

  11. Too Little & TOO Late from the people who did not act and do their jobs !!Lead ,Follow or get the “hell ” out of the way.A bumper sticker could state “if confronted by ,looters ,arsonist and such :DO NOT CALL THE POLICE BUT DO YOUR DUTY AND THEN CALL EMS !

  12. The one rule to remember is. do not give notice! When you have to pick up your gun, start shooting!!! Kill anyone and everyone in the pack of feral animal, in your space!

  13. Those animals in these videos need to be arrested. There is no need to be so violent. It’s fine to disagree but this rioting is disgusting and needs to end.

  14. In 2019, “19” -Un Armed White people were killed by police.

    In 2019, “9” Un- Armed Black people were killed by police, yet Antifa would have you believe America ia a Racist Country, killing unarmed black people, so all of America should be burned down!

  15. Dear « Daily Christian News »,
    Is it possible you monitor your site?
    If so, please, remove or block this SPAM. It’s repeatedly posting the unsolicited unwanted messages which has nothing to do with our nation’s issue.

    Thank you,
    Trump/Pence 2020


  17. The looters and rioter carer nothing about the murdered man. They. are out for what they can steal or destroy. They have set fire to houses with children in them. NoN matter abortion is one of their gods.

    The cops who murdered Mr. Floyd need to be tried for murder in the first degree.

    Shop owners need to shoot to kill these are animals out to destroy lives. I Donn’t care what color they are.

  18. They are going to go in to the wrong neighborhood, and the tables will be turned on them. I am so ashamed of any white person that kneeled down to these criminal thugs, arsonists and murderers. We are f—ing done with people like this. If police can’t or won’t stand up to them, then the people will. That’s a fact! I’ll just leave this here.

  19. From within the darkness of despair come voices bearing truth and determination, often from unexpected sources. The successful experiment of our Constitutional Republic must persist and rid from among our ranks the muckrakers who would work so ardently to destroy it.

  20. Portland Police department you are a disgrace to the uniform you wear everyday !!! What has happened to the oath you took to protect & serve !!!

  21. It’s funny how these same people that are pushing for social distancing are the same one looting and killing along with fire and destruction are now in packs destroying there community. They are a group of people that believe everything should be given to them so they don’t have to work for anything so sad what the Democratic and Hollywood have instilled in the minds of our children in the past and we now see what they have learned NOTHING!!!!

  22. One of the main purposes of government is to protect the people from threats both foreign or domestic. For governors and mayors to allow rioters to destroy their cities will hasten the end of spiraling down into barbarism. The rule of law must prevail and soon.


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