WATCH: Senator Ted Cruz to Nancy Pelosi: Keep your impeachment, we are busy in the Senate

The House Democrats impeached President Trump on December 18, 2019. On December 19th Nancy Pelosi refused to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate which will conduct a trial to establish the guilt or innocence of the president.

Her given reason is that she wants to know how the Senate will manage the trial. But the delay raises questions. Senator Ted Cruz addressed the issue in his appearance on Fox and Friends.

The Democrat’s delay raises questions

  • So what does it all mean strategically for the Democrats? How does it help or hurt them to not proceed to the next step?
  • Remember, the Democrats promised their constituents that they would impeach the president by Xmas, but did they promise to remove him?
  • Will the Senate be able to work?
  • Are the Democrats rethinking this because their fake impeachment will be exposed in the Senate for what it is?

Where is the crime?

The House Democrats did not charge the president with a single crime in their impeachment articles. The Democrats continually accuse the president of criminal conduct but where is the crime?

They repeatedly assure us that the facts of President Trump’s lawlessness are undisputed, but what law did he break?