WATCH: Senator Mitch McConnell puts Dems on notice: “Zero chance”

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Many are wondering what comes after the House approves their articles of impeachment. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sean Hannity discussed what happens when impeachment reaches the Senate.

McConnell said the Senate has to consider the House articles of impeachment, even though they are weak and purely political. The Senate will try to expedite the whole process, but they have to make the impeachment their sole business until it is resolved.

The senator said he will be coordinating with the White House throughout the process.

He also addressed the issue of whether there will be witnesses and said the White House will be involved in that decision.

Assuming the House approves the articles, the Senate will consider the articles of impeachment in January.

Most importantly, McConnell said, “There is zero chance that the president will be removed from office.”  


Hannity and  McConnell also discussed what the Senate has been working on in the first three years of Trump’s presidency. McConnell talked about the 50 circuit court judges that President Trump has appointed to the circuit in the last 3 years, giving President Trump and the Senate GOP the credit. Most complex cases end up in the circuit courts and most of us are familiar with how many of President Trump’s policies have been stopped by circuit court judges.

Hannity also touched on how many vacancies President Obama left on the circuit court, and McConnell pointed out that it was because he was in charge of the Senate the last two years of Obama’s presidency.

It is encouraging to know that 50 young strict constructionist judges have been placed in our circuit court system and that they will impact our country for many years.

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