WATCH: Doug Collins refutes the lie that Ukrainians died because aid was withheld

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The Democrats impeachment effort revolves around the US-Ukraine relationship and President Trump’s desire to be responsible in how and to whom we give aid.  In trying to develop relations with Ukraine’s new president, President Trump appears to have stumbled into a hornet’s nest.

It is no secret that President Trump came into office with the intention of being careful about foreign aid. But the Democrats seem to think that it is illegitimate for our president to be sure that American aid money is not going to a corrupt country.

Needless to say, Ukraine has been struggling with a lot of corruption. Even one of Adam Schiff’s impeachment witnesses, George Kent, admitted as much, saying, “It is accurate to say that Ukraine has a serious problem with corruption.”

David Hale, formerly the senior anti-corruption coordinator in the State Department’s European Bureau, also confirmed the corruption in Ukraine in his Nov. 6, 2019 deposition.

Ukraine may be making progress, but is still struggling with corruption. Trump understandably was wary of this when disbursing military aid, but the Democrats seized on this prudence as a “high crime” worthy of impeachment. Worse, they’ve actually implied that lives were lost because of it.

In the “mark-up” impeachment hearing in the House, Republican Doug Collins finally laid this argument to rest, as he explained that the aid that had been withheld was for future support.

Collins quoted from David Hale’s testimony in the House Intelligence Committee’s deposition on Nov. 6, 2019. “Bear this in mind, this is future assistance, this is not to keep the army going now. It is to help them in the future.” 


Even though the Democrat’s own witness had told the committee that the aid was for the future, the Democrats lied to the media and accused the president of being responsible for Ukrainian deaths.

The real truth is that President Trump had already sent lethal aid to help with the current war effort in the form of  Javelin anti-tank missiles, which is much more than the previous administration had done. If the Democrats want to lay blame they should look at the Obama administration.

WATCH if you want to see how awesome the Javelin is:

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