WARNING: Impeachment is not over

The neverending impeachment

If you think that the impeachment trial will be over when the Senate votes to acquit the president on Wednesday, think again. Steve Bannon, a former White House adviser to the president, says impeachment will not end until the Democrats no longer control the House.

No surprise

Anyone following the “soft coup” to remove the president will not be surprised at the idea that the Democrats will continue to leak damaging information about President Trump. They will continue to go after people like John Bolton in order to get them to betray the president.

Spies in the White House hurt us all

One wonders why the president allows White House staff like Colonel Alexander Vindman to remain in a position to, (dare I say it?) spy on him. When will the president purge all the Obama holdovers? Do we need any more affirmation that people appointed by Obama (like former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch) were and are willing to do whatever is necessary to advance the cause of removing the Great Disruptor, President Trump?

These “spies” don’t just hurt the president, they hurt the entire country, when they provide ammunition to the media and the House Democrats. The media uses this ammunition to maintain a 24/7 prime-time assault on the president, which is intended to destroy his chances in 2020. That obstruction, as in the case of USMCA, deprived the country of months of prosperity and lost opportunities.

The House Democrats use the leakers to conduct fake investigations into the president’s policies and appointments, designed to injure and obstruct the president, all the while accusing the president of obstruction of Congress.

The president needs people in his administration that will support his policies here and abroad, and he shouldn’t be afraid to get rid of anyone who puts his or her ideas of policy above the president’s agenda, the agenda that the American voters put him into office to achieve.

The Senate Judiciary Committee needs to investigate the coup

You might be wondering if justice will ever be done regarding the lies Adam Schiff told in the impeachment hearings and trial.

You might wonder if people like James Comey, John Brennan, Peter Stzok, and Andrew McCabe will be held accountable for spying on Carter Page, and through him, the president.

Senator Lindsay Graham and Steve Bannon are both calling for a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into the Mueller Probe, the FISA court abuse and the 2016 election, the Ukraine matter and the “whistleblower” otherwise known as “the coup.”

The president and his team get things done

Meanwhile, the president recently signed USMCA, a trade agreement that should benefit the US. He also just signed an executive order strengthening our ability to go after human traffickers, especially those that exploit children. The order also strengthens Native American tribes’ ability to fight trafficking in their communities. He also took out one of the worst terrorists of the 21st century, Iranian General Soleimani. The president encouraged and helped both Theresa May and Boris Johnson to get Brexit done.

Keep up the good work, President Trump.