Violence, President Trump, and Twitter

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President Trump has been flagged by Twitter for “glorifying” violence in a tweet. He was commenting on the rioting in Minneapolis, which the left-wing media calls a “protest,” but looks a lot more like a city engulfed in flames.

The city has been in turmoil since George Floyd died under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. The officer ignored Floyd’s pleading that he couldn’t breathe for eight minutes, and Floyd died. The video of the incident reveals that Floyd did not resist arrest. The police officers were fired and protestors in the city are calling for the prosecution of the officers for the murder of George Floyd. It seems that prosecution of the officers would be warranted.

Protestors are demanding justice for George Floyd, flooding the 3rd precinct in Minneapolis, but justifiable protests have turned into senseless rioting in Minneapolis with 3 nights of smashing, burning, and looting in the city. President Trump sent the National Guard to Minneapolis to stop the rioting that is destroying a “great American city” as President Trump says.

Meanwhile, the arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, is being charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter and is in custody. The other officers are still being investigated, and the investigators say they are working as fast as they can.


President Trump tweeted about the riots, describing the rioters as “thugs” and said, “when the looting starts the shooting starts,” meaning, as he explained in a press briefing, that looting leads to shooting during riots.  Twitter’s censors were triggered and found the president’s tweet to be in violation of their “rules,” characterizing the tweet as “glorifying” violence.

Now, apart from the discussion of whether the president’s tweet actually  “glorified” violence, if  Twitter finds the president’s tweet to be glorifying violence, surely they would find a tweet from famous leftist documentarian equally offensive to their “rules. But no…

Michael Moore

On the left side of the Twitterverse, Michael Moore was actually glorifying the violence of the rioters in Minneapolis saying they are good for burning down the evil police building. His tweet practically enshrines the violence of the destruction of public property and provides argumentation and justification to any other potential rioters that wish to “protest” Floyd’s death in the same violent and destructive manner.

Ironically, or because Twitter is of the same opinion, Twitter did not attach any warnings or flags to Moore’s tweet for promoting and glorifying the violence of the rioters and the burning of a public building.

Now that does seem to be a double standard.

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    1. Tweeter wants to say bad about Trumps tweet. What about Michael Moore, his was so much worst. You, tweeter must be Democrats, or you would not have talked about TRUMP. You forgot what Michael said was worse. it this is the way tweeter is, folks need to quit using it. God will take care of Trump, he is the best we have had in decades. God Bless you and the United States of America.

  1. Good Citizens do loot and burn things. They might do a demonstration, but there is no call for what happened in Minneapolis. You let your judicial system take their course and handle the injustice of what occurred, you don’t take matters in your own hands by burning and looting. That is very irresponsible and illegal. All the people who did the burning and looting are just as bad as the policeman who held the prisoner down on the ground with his knee. Shame on the people who did the burning and looting. May God forgive them all, but the violence in this country must stop. If we all get back to worshipping and praying in our own place of worship, this would help, because anyone in their right mind, knows the violence is just wrong,

  2. Good citizens do not loot and steal. They are rioters, thugs and thieves. None of this makes the murder of Mr Floyd better. They are using this murder to move forward with their own agenda. Moore is just a big pus bag. These people are being used by antifa, democrats, and Soros thugs. They are tearing down their own community and doing it willfully. Shameful.

    1. H. Byrd, you have it right. The officer in question has been arrested, charged and will be tried. I’m sure the other 3 will be also. The so-called protesters are getting justice. This they would have received without violence & distraction. Give them credit for not discriminating; they burned and looted black owned businesses as well. So, they’re not protesters; they’re criminals and their actions prove it. Krapernick & Moore should be arrested & charged with inciting violence.

  3. These people are doing nothing but stupid ignorant things that do not help their cause.True the officers need to be held accountable for their actions but I think the demonrats are pushing their agenda blaming President Trump but these people chose to be bussed in from different cities and fueled by the left.

  4. They are domestic terrorists and go to these from far away places just to start and continue the trouble. Most local citizens are only protesting, not rioting. Root out these Antifa and other groups and you’ll have a lot less of this nonsense.

  5. Street sweep with rubber bullets and put some welts on these jerks that are looting. Protesting and firebombing are completely different activities.

  6. Twitter needs to Undergo a complete reorganization. It must be fair and balanced. Right now it appears it’s a left wing arm of the Democrats Party and controlled by a bunch of Trump haters. If they don’t change , then they must be regulated. Period.

  7. Yes Twitter, and Facebook are experts at putting their personal spin on something a person says and then censoring what you said. Their personal perception is just that a personal perception a thought as to what they presuppose you are meaning and then deciding that you are in the wrong and blocking your communication from others. That is called judging others, and we are all guilty of it so often.These entities have not got the right to judge something until they choose to ask the person what they meant by what was said and of course we all know they can’t be bothered to do that so they just judge falsely then shut a person down, thus blocking free speech!

  8. Everything we have all experienced over the last 4 months or so has been a Demon Pandemic. And now we are suppose to believe that a cop who worked with the victim for 17 years in the past didn’t know him and killed him by pressing on his neck for 3 minutes, even though he could talk he couldn’t breathe. Autopsy shows no signs of strangulation or asfixiation, just bad heart disease. Now we have violent thugs spurned on by bused in Antifa and other agitators into large Demon run cities where the governors and mayors stand back and let their cities burn. And they all say it is Trump’s fault right on cue. If you are not awake yet there is no hope for you. Demons will kill us without a twinge of remorse if it gets them what they want.

  9. Twitter and you tube and facebook and instagram and Pinterest need a stronger approach and regulation , they are laughing and continue to cause trouble, what it’s done is not enough… somehow they still feal protected

  10. What a moron the CEO of Twitter ha shown us all he is. The President was right when he said looting leads to shooting. No glorification in that remark. However, moron Michael Moore is allowed to get away with a remark that says it’s ok to burn down a police station. I give up. Moron Moore has a peanut sized brain, if you could even find it!

  11. I would not be surprised if a lot of the thugs are from surrounding states looking for a place to go crazy and destroy and burn. Like insurgents flooding into Iraq from surrounding countries to kill American soldiers. I hope Donald Trump ties, blindfolds, stands twitter against the wall and shoots it in the head along with all other leftist social media organizations. Not very Christian like but consider the subject matter.

  12. Twitter is like most of the media biased and clueless. What the President said is right. There not real justification for the what has take place. Which the majority of it has not been the people of the cities, outsiders paid thugs. The democrats and fake news can cry foul and how the President was inciting the violence. Which as usual is false. When the reality of it is just like in 2016, you do not hear the democrats speak against the riots. This has turned into another political talking point for the Democrats, to try and regain the black vote. When it is their own that is funding the true hate groups going in and being totally unruly.

  13. George Soros backed groups are paid to go into the cities and incite chaos and destruction – all part of the open world foundation he runs. He should not have a duel citizenship with this country. If the protestors loot, start fires, and destroy they deserve anything that happens to them. How about spraying them with cold water to cool them down? How about using rubber bullets, tear gas, and sound control on them to disburse them and while they are stunned arresting them? The stupid idea of letting them “blow off steam” obviously does nothing but destroy cities. If they had complaints about their situation before this only makes conditions worse for them where they live and the hired thugs go on to their next paid for protest leaving them the rubble.

  14. Riots across the USA are planned and orchestrated by Soros, Media, and commie DEM. The virus is
    now ‘old news’ so they are trying riots and mayhem.
    They are flying in rioters….no local people. Our govt MUST capture some and get to the leader.
    Heads must roll. (figure of speech).
    These riots are HURTING AMERICA, if these rioters were actual Americans they would not do this.
    This has nothing to do George Floyd or black citizens.
    It’s about taking over USA.
    Americans should be mighty angry and want to get the BILLIONAIRE(S) THAT BANK ROLLED THE RIOTS.

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