Trump slams light media coverage of charges against former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig

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Anybody who has paid attention to current events over the past decade knows that the predominately liberal mainstream media will often highlight and focus on scandals involving Republicans while downplaying or ignoring scandals involving Democrats. And last week was no exception.

When an official from the prior administration of Barack Obama was indicted on federal charges, President Donald Trump was quick to call out the media for their coverage, or lack thereof, of a scandal that occurred on Obama’s watch.

Trump remarks on Craig indictment

Trump’s response came on the heels of the news that Gregory B. Craig, former White House counsel for President Obama from 2009-10, was indicted for lying to federal authorities about the extent of unregistered lobbying he performed behalf of the Russia-aligned Ukrainian government in 2012-13.

The crimes allegedly committed by Craig came to light as part of the investigation and prosecution of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort — who was convicted, in part, over crimes related to unregistered lobbying for Ukraine — by Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe.

On Friday, Trump tweeted his frustration:

The media’s liberal bias exposed

To be sure, the mainstream media did provide some coverage of the Craig indictment, and even prominently noted Craig’s ties to Obama.

That said, the point made by Trump still had the ring of truth to it, as even though the media made mention of the Craig indictment, the charges did not receive the intensity or depth of coverage Manafort’s indictment garnered.

Indeed, the indictment of Craig was announced and then summarily brushed aside as relatively insignificant, while Manafort’s indictment was the subject of innumerable stories, in both print and TV media.

The Manafort coverage routinely and incessantly sought ways to link his crimes — which occurred prior to any involvement with then-candidate Trump — to the president himself.

Conversely, the coverage of Craig’s indictment took great pains to emphasize that his alleged offenses were in no way related to his tenure in the Obama White House.

This is but one recent example of the media’s liberal bias that minimizes scandals ensnaring Democrats and puts a bright spotlight on scandals potentially implicating Republicans, and President Trump is absolutely correct to call it out publicly to his 60 million-plus Twitter followers.

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