Trump calls out GM, UAW over Ohio auto plant closure

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President Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear that a revitalized U.S. economy, featuring a strong manufacturing sector, is a top priority of his administration, and he has worked hard to create an economic climate favorable to American manufacturing jobs.

Thus, the president almost takes it personally when plants are closed and workers are laid off. He took to Twitter multiple times over the weekend to express his thoughts on the recent closure of a General Motors plant in Lordstown, OH, calling out both the CEO of GM and local union leader for their failure to reach a deal to keep workers employed.

Trump praises Toyota, scolds GM

On Thursday, Trump celebrated the news that Toyota would be investing more than $13 billion in U.S. auto manufacturing jobs that would employ at least 600 American workers.

The president referenced that development in a tweet on Saturday aimed at GM.

In a tweet the following day, Trump singled out the local president of the United Auto Workers union for his role in the failure to keep the Lordstown plant open.

Open the plant, or sell to someone who will

But the president wasn’t done just yet. Later in the day, he increased the pressure by specifically referencing a conversation he had with the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, in which he urged her to either reopen the Lordstown plant or sell it to someone else who would make use of it.

The president’s direct critique of GM and the UAW over the shuttering of the Lordstown plant continued into Monday morning, with a two-part tweet that seemed to issue something of an ultimatum to GM: close a factory in China or Mexico, if necessary, in order to reopen the plant in Ohio.

There can surely be disagreement about whether it is appropriate for a president to make such demands of a private business, but nobody can dispute the president’s heartfelt concern for the thousands of American workers who are now without a job because GM and the local union couldn’t reach an agreement to keep the auto plant open.

Even if the propriety of his tactics is debatable, the honorable nature of Trump’s priorities is beyond question.

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