President Trump blasts ‘lowlife’ Adam Schiff: ‘He should be forced to resign’

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been nothing but a thorn in Donald Trump’s side since the early days of his presidency, and amid the Democrats’ sudden push for impeachment, the House Intelligence Committee chair has been particularly volatile.

After Schiff manufactured “quotes” from Trump’s now-infamous phone call with Ukraine’s president in July, the president characterized the congressman’s actions as “criminal” and even “treasonous.” Now, Trump says it’s time for Schiff to resign in disgrace, according to Breitbart.

“He made it up”

The president’s remarks came during a combative chat with reporters in the Oval Office on Wednesday ahead of a meeting with the president of Finland (who was essentially ignored by the impeachment-obsessed media).

Following a question about the so-called “whistleblower,” who issued a complaint about the phone call based on second- and thirdhand information, Trump noted that there was nothing wrong with the call at all — but of course, you wouldn’t know that if you’d heard Schiff’s version of it.

“Not a thing wrong. Unless you heard the Adam Schiff version, where he made up my conversation,” Trump said. “He actually made it up. It should be criminal. It should be treasonous. He made it up — every word of it, made up — and read to Congress as though I said it.”

“It’s a disgrace”

Trump went on to say that Schiff should “be forced to resign from Congress.”

“He’s a lowlife. He should be forced to resign. He took a perfect conversation, realized he couldn’t read it to Congress because it was perfect; it was a very nice conversation,” Trump said. “He should resign from office in disgrace.”

Trump added that Schiff should be investigated for treason, “because he is making up the words of the President of the United States. Not only words, but the meaning. And it’s a disgrace. It should not be allowed to happen,” Trump said.

“Schiff is a fraud”

At a joint press conference with Finland’s leader later that day, Trump again called Schiff a “disgrace” and urged him to resign. And when Fox News’ John Roberts asked Trump what he thought about recent reports that Schiff saw the “whistleblower” complaint before it was even submitted, the president didn’t pull punches.

“It shows that Schiff is a fraud,” Trump said. He later added: “I think it’s a scandal that he knew before. I’d go a step further: I think he’s probably helped write it.”

Of course, whether Schiff ultimately steps down or not is up to him and his comrades in the House.

But one thing is for certain: Schiff’s credibility is gone, while Trump appears to be standing as strong as ever.