Tomi Lahren physically and verbally assaulted at restaurant

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As a prominent conservative commentator for the past few years — formerly for TheBlaze and now Fox News — Tomi Lahren has gained plenty of fans and earned just as many ideological enemies.

Those enemies just lashed out physically and verbally against Lahren over the weekend when she had a glass of water thrown on her and was loudly cursed out while in public at a restaurant.

According to The Daily Wire, Lahren had been enjoying brunch with her mother at a Minneapolis restaurant on Sunday when she drew the attention of other customers.

Multiple videos captured by cellphones and posted to social media — some quite proudly — showed Lahren being loudly cursed out by both men and women at the restaurant.

One man repeatedly yelled “F*** that b****,” “F*** that h**” and “racist a** b****,” called her a “c***” and demanded she “get the f*** outta here!”

As she was attempting to exit the restaurant while under heavy verbal assault, one woman doused her with a full glass of ice water.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Lahren had said or done anything to provoke the violent and abusive treatment she received.

Indeed, by all appearances it would seem that the only reason she was assaulted in such a manner was due to her political views and past statements on sensitive topics.

Lahren responded to the incident with a tweet on Tuesday which thanked those who had offered her support in the aftermath — even some who disagree with her politically — and noted that she’d discuss the incident more in upcoming appearances on Fox News.

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There was no reason or acceptable justification for those hateful and intolerant restaurant customers to treat Lahren in the way that they did, and all they accomplished — besides making fools of themselves and a victim out of Lahren — was to provide proof of just how hateful and intolerant some liberals have become in recent years.

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