The most important lesson: you can’t trust China

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China could have been the hero in this coronavirus crisis. They could have alerted the world immediately about the outbreak in Wuhan. They could have shared their data and allowed health officials from other countries to help. They could have quarantined Wuhan early, stopping flights in and out of that city. They could have stopped the spread of the coronavirus.

China could have been the hero, but instead, they covered up the outbreak in Wuhan, they delayed reporting the outbreak, they denied access to foreign health officials, and they allowed flights in and out of Wuhan for months after the outbreak.

China can’t be trusted.

China lied about the coronavirus infection in Wuhan, allowing it to spread all over the world and kill thousands of people so far. China is still lying about the outbreak, thereby making any data they share completely useless. Data is only useful if it is accurate. So, other countries like the UK, the US, Italy, etc. had to start with their own data to try to stop the virus.

Worse, the WHO is lying for China, too, so we can’t trust their data either.

Remember way back in January when the WHO used Chinese authorities to tell us there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission?

Tucker Carlson interviewed Marion Smith, Executive Director of Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, to discuss China and the WHO.

We should not trust China, ever.

End our supply-chain relationship with China

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the dangers of the global supply chain and its reliance on China. President Trump campaigned on the need to fix our relationship with China, maintaining that China was using unfair trade practices against the US. He started a “trade war” imposing tariffs on Chinese goods. This was a good start but the coronavirus crisis is showing the need for the US to divest from China and diversify the sources of our supplies for our own manufacturing to other countries like India, Vietnam, and others.

President Trump’s economic advisor, Peter Navarro explained recently in a press conference,

One of the things that this crisis has taught us, sir, is that we are dangerously overdependent on a global supply chain. Never again should we rely on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures.

The president said the coronavirus crisis,

…shows the importance of bringing manufacturing back to America so that we are producing, at home, the medicines and equipment and everything else that we need to protect the public’s health.

The supplies that are most important to us during this crisis usually come from China. Items like face masks, gloves, ventilators and other medical equipment are now in short supply because of the global pandemic. Now medical authorities in the US are asking people to make masks for our nurses, doctors, patients, and first responders. This shows the folly of depending on China or any other country for essential supplies.

The idea that we should not have all our eggs in one basket applies not only to investment but also, and more importantly, to the global supply chain. Many companies that have been hurt by the disruption will learn their lesson and looks for suppliers closer to home.

Because companies all over the world are dependent on China for parts and supplies, China has the power to disrupt not only private companies, but also the economies dependent on their supplies. That is too much power for a country that lies about epidemics, uses international organizations to perpetuate its lies,  and has aspirations to be the preeminent country in the world.

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  1. China wanted to bring down our economy and our country. They do not want the USA to be #1. They did not report anything until way too late because they wanted the chance for the Coronvirus to spread into a pandemic to bring down the economy and our people. China wants to be superior to all other countries, no matter the cost of human lives. They knew what they were doing and stated it did not transmit from human to human so our country had no idea what they were dealing with and what was the cause of this pandemic. They knew if they gave us wrong information this would throw us for a fast downward spiral to throw everything and everyone out of control. They called President Trump a racist for closing the borders. Trump does everything he can for our country and for the people of the United States of America. He along with all his team will win this war on our country. We will remain The United States of America! We are American strong! God bless America!

    1. We Need to Pull All or at Least 97% of Our (United States of America) Idea’s out Cheating china! They Are Bringing Down the World to there Cheap Cheating Ways! We Need American Manufacturer’s Like Toyota in This Country! Please Let’s Pull Out of Cheap, Cheating china!

  2. The only one that could ever pull this off is President Trump.
    The rest of the swamp is on China’s payroll.
    They will try and kill the President rather than give up the gravy train.
    Watch Out Mr. President.

    1. That is my biggest fear. He is too smart for their sneaky attempts to take over the USA. Obama made deals with them that totally undermined all of the American citizens.

    2. I think even they would have to realize that if they did that there would be a civil war and it would not vend well for them.


  3. Please President Trump, America should stop doing trade with Communist China. America should start to trade only to our Allied Countries. This coronavirus that Communist China created and lies should be a lesson for us Americans. Americans will be happy to buy “Made in America only”.

    1. And they should also be investigating the leverage Soros groups are invested in there. They could be in this together. Money talks!

  4. No more trade with China. While the democrats were trying to push Russia as the enemy, I knew that China was the real problem. And the traitors within our own country willing to sell us out for money.
    Please keep POTUS and his family in prayer without ceasing. The Deep State is evil and they are global.

    We do not want globalism in the United States of America. We want to follow our constitution and pursue life and liberty

  5. I have been watching what I buy for months now, but unfortunately not carefully enough. If it now means that I must do without something I really want, then so be it. Hopefully I will be able to find something comparable made in the United States. Bye bye China.

  6. It is time for America to no longer be dependent on other nations for anything. We are unable to believe what China says and we just can no longer be naïve in believing them on things, as they have proved to us in more ways than one that they don’t tell the truth. We need to bring back manufacturing of clothing here as well as drugs, etc. The clothing they make looks great at first, but does not hold up well. The drugs they sell to us, we have no idea whether they are using good ingredients or bad ones. It is terrible to not be able to trust other countries, but this Coronavirus, has taught everyone to not believe what China tells us for sure. I don’t think they view life the same way as Americans do, and that is why they were so nonchalant about the virus. If you have a pandemic, then you cut down on the amount of people and mainly older people, which cuts down on over population. Thus, with their mindset being different to ours, we just can’t continue purchasing so many things from them, that we have been doing thus far. This should make all of America realize though, that they do need to be better prepared for any further pandemic that might occur in the future. It is always better to be prepared for anything. As the old saying goes, better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

    1. Well said…and a good thing to remember…Burn me once, shame on you……burn me twice, shame on me! Be alert my friends!

  7. China Cannot be trusted. We need to separate our country from them. Never, never again should be depend on them for supplies of any type. NEVER!!

  8. Some times God gives you what you asked for. China is getting just what they asked for. I hope they choke on it

  9. Be careful Mr President you were so unsuspecting that your “friend xi “ whom you so wanted to believe – he is a communist snake and is jealous of America and wants to bring us down – what happened to all that hullabaloo from Hong Kong ? A distraction? and Germany? Be strong for you’ll be blamed either way!🇺🇸❤️🙏 you can’t trust China



    Wuhan to Shanghai = 839km
    Wuhan to Beijing = 1,152km
    Wuhan to Milan = 15,000km
    Wuhan to NY = 15,000km

    The Coronavirus started in Wuhan yet there is no effect of Coronavirus in nearby Beijing or Shanghai but many deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries and USA.

    All business areas of China are now safe.

    Something is fishy.

    America is not just blaming China without a reason.

    Even today, India is locked down but all the cities of China are open. China has also announced the opening of Wuhan from April 08. Not a single leader in China has tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

    Something is fishy.

    The virus has ruined many economies around the world. Many have had to close their borders in an attempt to contain and control the spread of the Coronavirus. Thousands have lost their lives, millions have now got this disease, countless people have been locked in their homes and many countries have placed their citizens on lock down.

    Something is fishy.

    The Coronavirus originated from the city of Wuhan in China and has now reached every corner of the world, but the virus did not reach China’s capital Beijing and China’s Economic Capital Shanghai, located in close proximity to Wuhan itself.

    Something is fishy

    Today Paris is closed, New York is closed, Berlin is closed, Delhi is closed, Mumbai is closed, Tokyo is closed, the world’s major economic and political centers are closed, but Beijing and Shanghai are open. No Coronavirus effect is seen in either cities. There were only a few cases but the virus had no real effect on Beijing and Shanghai.

    Something is fishy.

    Beijing is the city where all the leaders of China live, including their military leaders. There is no lock down in Beijing.

    Something is fishy

    Shanghai is the city that runs China’s economy. It is the economic capital of China, where all the rich people of China live and run major industries. There is no lock down here, there is no effect of the Coronavirus there.

    Something is fishy

    Beijing and Shanghai are the areas adjoining Wuhan. The virus from Wuhan reached every corner of the world, but the virus did not affect Beijing and Shanghai.

    Something is fishy

    Another big thing is, that the worldwide share market has fallen by almost half. In India also the Nifty has gone from 12 thousand to 7 thousand, but the share market of China was at 3000 and just merely dropped to 2700.

    Something is fishy

    This leaves one to speculate that the Coronavirus is a bio-chemical weapon of China, which China used to carry out destruction in the world in order to gain economic supremacy.

    China has now put this virus under control, maybe they also have the antidote/ vaccine that they are not sharing with the world ever or will do when it is in their best interest to do so.

    Something is fishy

    Hollywood stars, Australia’s Home Minister, Britain’s Prime Minister and Health Minister, Spain’s Prime Minister’s wife, Canada’s Prime Minister’s wife, and Britain’s Prince Charles, among others, have contracted the Coronavirus, but NOT A SINGLE POLITICAL LEADER IN CHINA, NOT A SINGLE MILITARY COMMANDER in China have tested positive for Coronavirus.



  11. This just shows we were sold out by greed ! Millionaires wanted to become billionaires by all cost ! There fault ! they wanted cheap labor an you got it ! You are the blame ! Not taking up for China they did the same as any other country would do & they got greedy for power ! By killing people by the of release of this Coronavirus ! What goes around comes back around Karma ! Greed isn’t good created evil ! Absolute power destroys any country.

  12. We need to be self sufficient depending on the countries who have shown through the years that they are our friends for what we don’t produce in house. Buy American should never have been discontinued.

  13. Our president is absolutely right about detaching ourselves from dependence on other countries for essential supplies, those things should have never been allowed to be imported from over seas, but only allowed to be purchase from country who were operating on US Soil. Hind site is 20/20, what CHina has done is declared war on every country in the world. If they would have fired a missile we would be at war, they knew that a strike like that would have brought grave repercussions so they chose to act like they lost control of a contagion , so that way it would appear to not be deliberate, to two most powerful nations on the Earth in the end times will be Russia and China how can this be, unless something happens to weaken USA, and the other NATO countries, we most all pray this is the prelude, and we have been sold out,

    1. We do know, they have had those wet markets for centuries without an issue and now all of a sudden they have an issue with the wet market in the same town as their biolab? They have wet markets all over China.

  14. Why if we want to get away from a global supply chain, would we want India or Viet Nam make things for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have an important question that I would very much like the answer to. How many of the democRATs have large investments in China? Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and Pelosi’s son Paul did. How many more of them do? How many own stock in big pharmaceutical who gets ingredients from China. And is big pharmaceutical hiding a cure because they want to profit from it?

  16. It’s time, WAY PAST TIME to bring our Manufacturing Businesses back on shore and if they don’t want to come back then they can go down the Tariff Highway too. When we get back up and running here in the “Western Civilized Society Countries” then stick the TARIFFS TO THE CHINESE, ANYTHING, ANYTHING RIGHT DOWN TO THE SMALLEST WASHER OR SCREW GETS AN AUTOMATIC 75% TARIFF INCREASE even if it’s one of our brands being made over there, Tariff’s or taxes, it’s your call but you won’t be selling made in China as a 1st, 2nd or only choice.

  17. If the world can prove without a doubt that China did this, either as a plan or let it run as a convenient accident, then that will ruin China once and for all. And they will not give up without a very, messy, fight.

  18. Well folks, hell yes this virus was created by the chinese (note, their name does not need to be honored or capitalized). Let’s embargo the hell out of them and all of their products — they deserve it.

  19. Pres. Trump, please be VERY, VERY CAREFUL and ALERT for yourself, your family and
    the American people. You are the ONLY ONE we know who can get us out of this deadly
    Mess. We knew and you knew that this EVIL , COMMUNIST DEMONRATS wish you
    nothing but HARM, HARM and it will not be surprising even DEATH. GOD be with you
    always to help and protect you.

  20. When ? this is all over and we count our dead People are Certainly going to ask Questions from The WHO , China ,Governments and This So called new World Order Who Backers are Right Now Holed Up and Cowering In Some Flea Bitten Part of the World . Governments will Be Taken To Task For Giving Our Industries and Belongings To Other Countries. But What I cannot understand Is How the LEFT seem hell Bent On Blaming Donald Trump For Everything The Previous Administrations Have Done ! They Are The same The Whole World Over ” THEY KNOW BEST ” ? I call Them The 5 ELLS Which means , Liberal , Labour , Leftie , Loony , Louts ! Says A Lot Do’s it Not ? Anyway Thank Yourselves America You Have Such a great President . as For Us our Prime Minister Boris Is Still In Intensive Care , He Is Our Winston Of The 21st Century So We Need Him To Get Well . Thank You

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  22. To day human being became hostage without any reason. In these circumstances stay at home safe avoid from suffering from corona virus. Do not sit idol in homes its very necessary to do some work on line generate money and make full use of your free time. Get weekly payment no instant investment. Work on line from …

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