The left is spreading fake news about the riots

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Democrats are so predictable. When faced with a problem of their own making, they always deflect to blaming the problem on their favorite bogeyman: white supremacy.

An argument that “white supremacists” are responsible for the rioting committed in the name of George Floyd has been introduced into the news cycle and is trending on Twitter. Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, of Minnesota hastened to invoke the “white supremacist” in a press conference:

People should be able to come together … and mourn and grieve and demand change and justice in policing and every other racist system that we have that has been part of this state. But in this moment, we cannot because there are detractors,” she continued. “There are white supremacists. There are anarchists. There are people who are burning down the institutions that are core to our identity and who we are.”

There’s no doubt that in some dark corners of America, white supremacists remain. The Dylan Roof church shooting is a horrific example of the consequences of such a twisted ideology.

But news flash: the rioting in Minneapolis is not being perpetrated by white supremacists. It’s being perpetrated by Antifa.

If Democrats refuse to name the perpetrators, they’re enabling them. Americans won’t be fooled by this. It’s fake news.

Pop queen Taylor Swift, thinking that because she is a celebrity, her opinions would be considered politically relevant, accused the president of activating “white supremacy” and racism. Sadly for her, she is just parroting what 99% of celebrities say. Hey Taylor, why not join the 1% of celebrities, like James Woods and Jon Voight, who see through the left’s lies?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters never misses an opportunity to spew hate for the president:

Trump threatened protestors in front of WH that he would call out vicious dogs & ominous weapons. Trump’s the most VICIOUS DOG we know & we’re not afraid of him! He’s dog whistling to white supremacists that he’ll save them from black people. We all need to be saved from Trump!

Here is Greg Gutfeld on the “white supremacists are responsible” argument:

President Trump responded quickly to the blame-shifting in a tweet:


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  1. This has nothing to do with politics. It’s a heinous crime committed by local police who had a personal hate for African Americans. And, the officer who choked this poor man was not alone. You might note that not ONE OF THOSE WHO WERE WITH HIM made any attempt to stop him. Quite frankly, I think the people of this country shouLd. as the Nuns used to say, “put their thinking caps on.”Donald Trump is a Dictator, and he has caused a lot of hate in this country, so much so, that Twitter has banned him from posting on Twitter.

      1. terry, I agree. Antifa organizes the violence and gets people who love to commit violence go to all these cities. I bet many of them do not even know the name of the person who died

        1. This Anti-Christ “Suzanne Wood” has a TRUMP derangement Syndrome, just like all Democracks do.
          She is possessed not by one demon but a legion. Hopefully she’ll seek helps from The exorcist. She needs it, or else she’ll face consequences from GOD’s wraths (☄️falls from the sky on her) for accusing innocent people because of hatred.

          Kyrie Eleison 🙏
          Christie Eleison 🙏

    1. I am sorry but you show you are a biased person The President has nothing to do with this .I never see you saying anything about black boys killing white people. there are bad cops but you do not paint them all with the same brush Typical Obama Democratic thinking.

    2. You don’t have an inkling about the meaning of dictator, do you? Suggestion: educate yourself on the actual meaning of such highly charged labels that should not be bandied about for mere emotional effect,

    3. Look at the races of the policemen who aided the person who killed George Floyd! One Asian, one white and one black.

    4. SATAN (Suzanne Wood), Get Behind JESUS CHRIST.
      Suzanne Wood, you are fake. You are a wicked spirit of « Jezebel » will die just like in the Holy Bible said.
      You and your « New World Order » of One World Communist Government » are a Diabolical Force from Hell. You have deceived the innocent Black people by annihilating their population through Planned Parenthood, Abortions Mostly Black Babies for you own wicked desire to take them to hell with your deceptions, your lies. You and your wicked spirits pollute this Earth with greatest sins: drugs, fornications, confused gender, killing unborn and born nearly billion around the world, and sacrifice them to your Evil god Ba’al,… countless sins that you and your New World Order of One World Communist Government has poured on GOD’s planet to destroy and to depopulate humanity.

      REPENT or you can Take your communist Priests, Feminist Nuns back to hell with you, because The SECOND COMING of The LORD is Coming.

      🙇‍♀️LONG LIVE JESUS CHRIST, The Living GOD 🙏✝️🙏
      🙇‍♀️Long Live the brave People in the World who stand up against the NWO of One World Communist Government 🙏
      🙇‍♀️Long Live President Donald J. Trump and all American people who support this great President. May GOD protect him and keep him and save from the wicked spirits of Democrats 🙏
      🙇‍♀️Long Live the USA 🇺🇸 🙏

      Kyrie Eleison 🙏
      Christie Eleison 🙏

    1. SATAN (Suzanne Wood), Get Behind JESUS CHRIST.
      « In GOD we Trust »
      You, Suzanne Wood are fake. You are a wicked spirit of Jezebel will die just like in the Holy Bible said.
      « JESUS I Trust in YOU ».
      MAY HE have Mercy on your wicked soul.

      You and you « New World Order » of One World Communist Government are a Diabolical Force from Hell. You have deceived the innocent Black people by annihilating their population through Planned Parenthood, Abortions Mostly Black Babies for you own wicked desire to take them to hell with your deceptions, your lies.

      THIS is The Last Battle between GOD, The Almighty vs. SATAN your wicked spirits from Hell, we call upon all Warrior Angels:
      Saint Michael the Art Angel,
      Saint Gabriel the Art Angel,
      Saint Raphael the Art Angel, and all the Angels and Holy Saints of The Almighty GOD to push and destroy your wicked army to Hell forever and ever. AMEN and AMEN 🙏 🙏🙏
      Kyrie Eleison 🙏
      Christie Eleison 🙏

  2. Taylor Swift needs to shut up she is stupid thats why George Soros took her music she sucks just like the rest of you stupid libs. Its all the states that are run by libs if that tells you something.They dont care about America they all need to go china and live they can get away with crime, drugs, and everything they do thats not legal.yall are a waste of or air and country.Soros is the one whos paying those stupid idiots to riot and steal and burn places down. He and all of his thugs need to be taken out.

  3. Conservative Christians need to hold fast – do NOT cave to msm. Too many rely on our news media, but these reporters are promoting racism. Christians are NOT racist. Christians are loving, truth-holders, and above all – believers. I know many who are not black who are faithful to their faith and would never partake in any sort of violence. AND I know many who are black that condemn these riots. Violence is of the devil, causing doubt and confusion. Jesus never spoke of race or ethnicity, color makes no difference to HIM!

  4. I don,t agree with you Ms.Wood. Trump has helped us all, black, white, yellow green, blue. The economy was up, Black people had more jobs, borders were closed to protect us from the Wuhan virus. We were doing so much better than we had in years. The poor man Mr.Floyd was murdered by a white cop, it was one of the most terrible thing I have seen in my 76 years. I am a white woman, have adopted a black son many years ago, have a daughter and been married for almost 55 years. But the protesters, most of them not even from the state, are destroying property that people need to feed their families. It,s not right or fair. We all should be respected in the same way. This is not respecting Mr. Floyd in any way, not in any good way. Any mother who has lost a child, no matter what age, knows how terrible it is. Not all cops are bad, not all blacks are bad, not all Whites are bad. We are created in God,s
    Image and if we hate each other we are saying we hate God. My heart breaks for the Floyd famIly and all our prayers go out to them. Please pray instead of destroying, don,t believe what others tell you. Use your own mind and heart and pray to God for help during this terrible time. God bless us all. Janet

    1. That’s too early to accuse Cops killed Mr. Floyd. We have to wait for an Autopsy.
      George Soros and his servants ‘Democrats’ were waiting for this moment to destroy our nation. Did they premeditate by sacrificing Mr. Floyd to push their evil agenda? Their Agenda 21 is to depopulate humanity and who will they use to do the dirty job? The poor innocent Blacks, although many Blacks woke up and walk away from White supremacy of Democrats.
      They called themselves, Democrats, but they are White Supremacy, they are powerful, wealthy owned all major networks, and they owned the Democrat party.
      ➡️There are NO such things called White Supremacy in Our brand New Republican Party.
      Mr. Van Jones, a Not real Black but mixed like Kamala Harris still defends his real enemy (White Supremacy) who killed the Black babies? He is an easy target that the White Supremacy Democrats bought and used to speak lies.

      Kyrie Eleison 🙏
      Christie Eleison🙏

  5. Hey Suzanne Wood and Taylor Swift, you have zero idea is what wrong with our Country. It’s people like you blaming the wrong people. If you had an IQ above 90 you would know all this rioting and arson is stroked by Antifa, Black Lives. Matter And George Soros. They are a gang of thieves and arsonists. Try thinking instead of hating.

  6. Why has the media not focused on small businesses that were destroyed, burned and looted.Were any owned by blacks.Is this the way to honor someone?

  7. My prayers are with the family of George but yall need to stop blaming Trump hes not responsible for this happening.The racism started when Obama was in the white house you libs like to try and say its Republicans or Trump.libs are the ones that are racist they dont like America they dont even like there self.the people who believe what they say are so stupid its not funny yall most be missing some brain cells i cant believe how many are so stuip to follow what they its so sad that yall are so nieve.get god in your life before its to late.

  8. Hey Scum Joe,

    You and your corrupt sleazy backers are paying To protect Terrorists – just read what our Great Trump just announced. Just waiting to finally hear and get confirmation that the following shows your bloody hands all over it! Stand By!
    America Needs to investigate who is paying these organized skilled rioters looting criminals! Now we know who has brought them in and Not only paying them but disgustingly paying to set criminals/ terrorists free and back out in the streets to attack and destroy our cities. This has nothing to do with protesting peacefully for Mr Floyd’s death..Maybe start Looking into the actions and money trails of Satan George Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden, DNC..shouldn’t surprise America since we know they are totally CORRUPTED….

  9. The libs have created these states of filth and scumbags rioting. I refuse to wstch any of this crap, cooking network and ncis reruns sre more than welcome im our house
    They crammed covid 19 down our throats 24/7, now this. The more you glorify criminals the more the burn. Hollywood and taylor are sickening.

  10. The Democrats are so wrong, they can not fix problems they blame somebody else for what is happening. They are in one way happy this is happening to blame others. They do not care about
    this Country they care about POWER. Why do we have these politicians in charge? Wake up people
    lets turn California RED.

  11. Taylor Swift is sounding more like AOC everyday.. You know that barroom slut with a half of a brain.. Why is it American’s knows it is Antifa doing the dirty work and the media does not?? Liberalism at work..

  12. I read in the Epoch Times that the preliminary autopsy report said that Mr Floyd did not die from being strangled or asphyxiation. I do agree that it didn’t have to happen and the cop was part of the problem. But the protesters are paid by Soros the anti-christ.

    1. When granny Peloxi said ‘every crisis there is an opportunity’, I was thinking that Satan from Hungary who lives in NY is ready to have his evil army of thugs attacked. I also was thinking that Satan has zero regard of human life if he can kill Mr, Floyd just to push his thugs to loot and destroy, he’d do it, so he can put the blame on our President Donald J. Trump.
      We knew that old evil man is too wicked, he’s just waiting for the opportunity to destroy our nation.
      He is cursed.

      Trump/Pence 2020. 🙏

  13. A quiet gentle protest will garner more support than a riot. Riots are for one purpose only to confuse and scare people. If you study history and past riots when the true cause came out it was always some far off radical willing to pay the poor to do as much damage as they could by starting fires, by destruction, and by lies. This never changes, riots in America are not statements but political ways to confuse and hide the truths the far left don’t want you to be thinking about. It’s not protesting ethics, nor is it racial, it’s all about getting the news riled up to print anything the left wants said to make sure the real truth is not uncovered. That it is happening in Democratic run states is not surprising because they do not want conservative values there to take away their deep pockets control over the people. If you want to be upset then do it by taking the course of law first not lawlessness. You don’t condemn the innocent because of one or two guilty. You don’t tear down your neighborhoods and burn business to make a point. The only point made in fires, destruction, and hatred is that the whole response has nothing to do with what someone used to spark it on. It is known as vandalism, corruption, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, and lack of respect for anyone. It is a slave mentality from the view of the overseer who will do what he wants to whomever he wants to get the results he wants. It is the abuse of freedom to do the ill will of the rich. This is not what America was built upon but the reason behind why we have rules, laws, and courts. When they become corrupt then we have the Constitution and it’s Amendments to fall back on to correct the wrong. To encourage destruction is a lawlessness that needs to be put in jail and cut off from the news printing it’s lies. The news is just as much responsible as the agenda behind the riots because they encourage the events in order to sell news that is tentatively exciting whether it is true or not. It just sells quickly because it catches the imagination of the public. Most times it is lies, suppositions, and innuendo’s. Truth doesn’t always sell so well because it makes us understand how morally bankrupt the human being is.

  14. as many whites as blacks are VERY ANGRY at these policemen but to destroy is not honoring Mr. Floyd. The people burning and destroying are only out to steal what they can under the title of standing up for Mr Floyd. Even if he did not smother to dead the policemen killed by their actions and should be tried for murder. I an a white woman who wants them punished not the businesses in these communities. Please stop the riots ,protest peacefully and we stand with you. Do not divide our country more. These riots only give supresmest statue.

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