Ted Cruz blasts Britain’s murderous socialized medicine system

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Many concerned Americans and others around the globe watched with a horrified mixture of anger and sadness as the United Kingdom’s courts and National Health Service effectively sentenced a sick young child to death and ordered him removed from life support systems.

Despite the protestations of his parents and offers from hospitals in other countries to take care of him, government bureaucrats decided that the value of little Alfie Evans’ life was not worth enough for them to spend additional resources treating a mysterious illness. And according to Breitbart, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was one of those who was absolutely stunned by the death sentence imposed on little Alfie Evans.

He took to Twitter to share the boy’s story as an object warning against the inhumane evil of socialized medicine.

Cruz shared the background of Evans’ short life and struggle with an unknown illness that caused significant damage and left the toddler in a coma.

He noted that Evans’ parents — Tom Evans and Kate James — sought permission from the U.K. government to take their child elsewhere for treatment when the NHS proved incapable of diagnosing or treating Evans.

Even the Pope interceded and the Italian government granted citizenship to Evans while an Italian hospital offered to transport and treat him.

“But UK and European courts have denied their right to seek alternate treatments for their son and instead have forcibly kept him in a hospital. Now they have turned off the ventilator and are waiting for him to die,” Cruz tweeted on Wednesday.

Cruz pointed out the similarities to that of the Charlie Gard case in 2017, and noted, “It is a sad irony that while the people of the UK are busy celebrating a royal birth, its government is brushing off a commoner’s right to life.”

He continued, “It is a grim reminder that systems of socialized medicine like the National Health Service (NHS) vest the state with power over human lives, transforming citizens into subjects.”

At that time, young Evans was still clinging to life even after he had been removed from life support, and Cruz urged the government to make the right decision and called for prayers of support for Evans and his parents.

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Recall the ruthless and condescending mockery suffered by Sarah Palin when she warned years ago of the “death panels” inherent in a socialized medical system. Well, this is precisely what she so fervently warned about.

Shame on Britain.

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