EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigns, citing ‘unrelenting attacks’

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As one of the more effective members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet in terms of the MAGA agenda, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt has come under tremendous fire from Democrats and the liberal media. Pruitt has been hit with multiple controversies and “scandals” that seem coordinated toward the same obvious end — driving a wedge between Pruitt and Trump in order to get Pruitt dismissed from the administration.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted on Tuesday, “Senior administration official tells me Pruitt dismissal is still ‘coming.’ Time will tell but we’ve repeatedly had replays of the movie where Kelly (and in this case most of WH) wants someone gone and Trump, who doesn’t like conflict, has to get dragged there”

Taken by itself, Haberman’s tweet doesn’t mean much, as she is a known partisan hack that abhors Trump and those who work for him. Furthermore, she ddn’t seem all that confident in the veracity of what her “source” told her about Pruitt’s impending doom, and her assessment that Trump “doesn’t like conflict” is laughable “fake news” about a president that seems to spark conflict wherever he goes.

But Haberman wasn’t alone in suggesting that Pruitt could soon be shown the exit, as CNN reported on Thursday that the embattled EPA chief was “inching forward to a tipping point” with regard to his job security in the administration.

As noted, Pruitt has been smeared with hit piece after hit piece from the liberal media which slam him for such things as the use of a security detail, accommodations he received from lobbyist friends when he first moved to Washington, D.C., the alleged use of aides to run personal errands and even a report that he had offered to serve as attorney general if Jeff Sessions were to be fired.

The latest “scandal” to envelop Pruitt is allegations from former career EPA bureaucrats that he is using “secret” calendars to keep some of his contacts and meetings with industry representatives from the public’s knowledge.

The report suggested growing fear among some in the White House that Pruitt could be featured heavily in Democrat political ads in the midterms that will frame Pruitt as a member of the “swamp” that is being protected by Trump, and an obvious shot against Trump’s campaign vow to “drain the swamp.”

“The President feels as though Scott Pruitt has done a really good job with deregulating the government, to allow for a thriving economy, that’s important to him, but these things matter to the President as well, and he’s looking into those,” said White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley of the “numerous reports” against Pruitt. “When we have an announcement, we’ll make it.”

Unfortunately for Pruitt, it appears the “unrelenting attacks” on the EPA administrator had taken a toll on him and his family, as the Washington Free Beacon reported that he tendered his resignation on Thursday.

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There had been plenty of false reports in the past with regard to Pruitt’s imminent departure from the administration — as well as other prominent administration officials — but this time those reports proved to be correct

If Pruitt really was engaged in “swampy” behavior then his exit from the Trump administration is a good thing, but if his ouster was simply due to the piling-on of unproven accusations and vague “scandals,” then liberals just claimed a scalp that will only embolden to launch further attacks on other effective officials they despise.

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