Sarah Sanders says Elizabeth Warren’s rise in support ‘couldn’t be better news’ for Trump

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While former Vice President Joe Biden was the frontrunner among Democratic 2020 candidates as soon as he entered the race, it has become increasingly clear that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has growing momentum and support — not to mention a friendly media establishment — on her side and is on the verge of becoming the frontrunner and presumptive nominee herself.

That development is actually viewed as a good thing in the eyes of former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, at least in terms of the positive impact a Warren nomination could have on President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election prospects.

Warren nomination could boost Trump’s campaign

The Hill reported that Sanders’ commentary on Warren’s candidacy came during a Sunday discussion with New York AM 970 radio host John Catsimatidis which centered on Sanders’ belief that Warren was too “far-left” for most American voters to accept, which obviously is something that would benefit her former boss.

“The only person who is been on a steady incline and continuing to gain momentum and gain support seems to be Elizabeth Warren,” Sanders said. “There couldn’t be better news for President Trump. I think that she has moved so far to the left in the way that she wants to fix the country I think that it will certainly help re-elect the president.”

“You know, it’s interesting — if you look at some of the things that she’s talking about and some of the things the president is talking about, of what the problems in the country are — they’ve actually identified a lot of the same problems,” she added with respect to the populist appeal of both Warren and Trump, albeit from different ideological ends of the populist spectrum.

“But if you listen to how they want to solve them, you couldn’t find a more stark contrast than between the two of them,” Sanders added.

Voters unwilling to move that far left

“I think that the far-left radical ideas that she’s bringing to the table are just not going to sell in most of America,” Sanders said. “And I think that is a great thing for the president, and frankly, it’s a good thing for the country because it helps make sure that we get four more years under this president.”

Should Warren somehow actually win the presidency, however, Sanders cautioned that it would be a “scary thing” for the nation to deal with over the next several years.

Sanders pointed out that the crop of Democratic 2020 candidates “are so beholden to this far left-wing part of the party — the AOCs and The Squad — that they’re trying to appease them.”

“And I think it’s going to be impossible to come back to the middle and try to regain some of those independent voters,” she added. “And some of the people like Elizabeth Warren, I don’t think she wants to come back to the middle. I think she believes that the far-left side is right. I think that’s a scary thing for America if she became president.”

Trump agenda needs another four years

A Warren presidency, replete with liberal policies, far-left appointees and a federal bureaucracy unleashed to do its worst upon the American economy would be a truly nightmarish scenario for this nation.

Hopefully, Sanders’ suggestion is correct that a Warren nomination will turn off substantial segments of the electorate and ultimately aid Trump’s campaign, because the president still has much to do in terms of fixing the problems created over the past several decades in large part by progressives cut from the same cloth as the senator from Massachusetts.

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