Sanders doesn’t hurt Biden in the debate – it’s over

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On Sunday, the 11th Democrat debate was held in Washington D.C. hosted by CNN. The Democrat field has been narrowed to just three candidates, one of which was not on the debate stage. Tulsi Gabbard failed to qualify for the debate after the DNC changed to requirements to qualify. Some say the changes were meant to exclude her.

Biden and Sanders on China

When asked what consequences China should face for its role in the global coronavirus crisis, Sanders quickly attacked China, saying that China should not have lied to the American people about the extent of the spread of the virus. He then excoriated the president for praising the Chinese for the good work they are doing.

Immediately after chiding the president, he pivoted to praising China and said that now is the time to be working with them. Is anybody listening?

Biden hits his stride when talking about recession

When Joe Biden was asked to respond to a question about the economy and what he would do, he said he would enact a “major, major, major bailout package” that does not reward corporations. His rhetoric seemed like it came straight out of 2008 when he and Barack Obama were campaigning to win the White House. Biden knows how to campaign during a recession, and the coronavirus seems to threaten a new recession.

Sanders said that just as he voted against the 2008 bailout, he would not support a bailout for the economic harm caused by the coronavirus.

Biden and Bernie gaffes

While responding to questions about the coronavirus, Sanders seemed to confuse the coronavirus with the ebola crisis of 2014. He used the term ebola repeatedly. He said the ebola crisis has exposed the weakness of the American health care system. Biden referred to the crisis as the SARS crisis.

Super PACs

When Biden and Sanders debated about campaign funding, they both tried to prove that they represented the little guy. Biden boasted that the average campaign contribution was $51.

But Sanders pointed out that Biden’s super pac was running negative ads about him. Biden shot back, “You have nine super PAC’s, do you want me to list them? to which Sanders responded, “Yes, please list them. Biden replied with his famous, “C’mon, give me a break.” But Sanders was not having it, and he asked Biden to get rid of his super PACs.

Sanctuary cities

Biden was asked where he stands on sanctuary cities since he opposed them in 2007. When asked if undocumented immigrants arrested by local police should be turned over to immigration officials, Biden had a one-word answer, “No.”

Biden, in a later response, said that “xenophobia is a disease.” He then accidentally called an undocumented person an undocumented “alien.”

Biden promised that in the first 100 days of his administration, “no one would be deported.”

Biden’s presidency

Biden promised that if he was elected that he would appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. He also promised that he will pick a woman to be vice president.


Both Biden and Sanders promised there would be no new fracking, the drilling technique that changed America from a dependent nation to an independent oil producer. Biden went so far as to say, “no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period…”


Biden, overall, was a more likable candidate. His shining moment was when he took down the idea that a single-payer health care system would do a better job of handling the coronavirus crisis. He pointed to Italy, a country with a single-payer health care system, with an exponentially spreading coronavirus outbreak. Italy has the most coronavirus cases in the world, second only to China.

Joe Biden said having Medicare for All in the US would not help solve the coronavirus crisis.

In fact, things are so bad in Italy that authorities there are preparing for desperate measures as their hospital beds fill. They have drafted a policy to limit intensive care to people under 80 that have less than 5 chronic illnesses, according to The Telegraph.

The headline reads, Italians over 80 ‘will be left to die’ as country overwhelmed by coronavirus. Italy does not have to implement that measure yet, but they are preparing for extreme measures.


Loser: Bernie came off as passive-aggressive, unwilling to really go after Biden’s lies. He also, again, expressed admiration for authoritarian accomplishments.

C’mon man! Give me a break!

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