Roseanne Barr shuts down ‘prank’ rumor alleging that she suffered a heart attack

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Many of actress Roseanne Barr’s friends and fans have been concerned for her well-being following the brutally calloused manner in which ABC dumped her — and effectively killed her immensely popular sitcom — after she posted a controversial tweet earlier this year. Thus, panic quickly spread across social media on Saturday when unconfirmed reports began to circulate that she had suffered a heart attack

But the reports were just as quickly put to rest by Roseanne herself with a simple two-word tweet:

Barr received an absolute outpouring of support on her post from fans and friends who were grateful for the update that allayed their fears.

How the rumor started

Fox News reported that the “news” that Barr had suffered a heart attack appeared to have originated with right-leaning independent journalist Lee Stranahan, who interrupted a chat on Periscope he was conducting to share the word he had just received from someone who claimed to be Barr’s assistant.

He tweeted:

Putting the rumor to rest

Many of the commenters on Stranahan’s post quickly set him straight by sharing the “I’m fine” post from Barr, as well as another from the actress wherein she claimed that she — and Stranahan — had fallen victim to some sort of prank.

Nevertheless, Barr reiterated that she had “no medical issues.”

She tweeted on Sunday:

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It remains to be seen who is ultimately responsible for the “fake news” of Barr suffering a heart attack, but thankfully, that news was just a false alarm and the popular actress is doing just fine — at least, according to the woman herself.

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