Ron DeSantis takes care of his people

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People in Florida have to be happy that they have Republican governor Ron DeSantis at the helm during this coronavirus crisis. He managed to keep people in nursing homes safe and so far has piloted his state through the coronavirus crisis without losing too many Floridians or crushing his state’s economy. Sadly, people in New York cannot say the same about their governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

Florida has close to 50,000 positive COVID-19 cases, and 2,200 deaths. New York has 361,515 positive cases and 23,391 deaths.

DeSantis posted the numbers for Florida:

Nursing homes in Florida

Over 20% of Floridians are seniors or one of every five people, or over 4 million Floridians. The only other state with more seniors is California, which is having the same troubles as every other state, with most of the coronavirus deaths in their nursing homes. According to the New York Post: Florida has roughly 350,000 residents and staff at more than 4,000 long-term-care facilities.

Florida seniors were safer because Governor DeSantis data from South Korea and Italy to decide how to handle seniors in Florida. The data revealed that the most vulnerable population was the elderly, particularly those over 80. So, DeSantis put measures in place to protect that population and used the state’s emergency infrastructure.

Because of frequent natural disasters, particularly hurricanes, the state has a robust emergency infrastructure including data collection. Using that system, DeSantis bolstered the nursing homes with PPE, testing, and monitoring of facilities. In the case of an outbreak in a nursing home, the infected were immediately isolated, If an HCP was infected, they were immediately sent home.

According to Click Orlando:

 When a nursing home is found to have an outbreak, the state sends a health department team to work with the staff. The governor has also sent National Guard teams to nursing homes around the state to test employees and patients for the virus.

Results are in

Governor DeSantis made his own decisions about how to handle the crisis. But the mainstream media predicted doomsday for Florida and heaped opprobrium on him for putting his population at risk. In spite of the dire predictions, DeSantis forged ahead, giving counties flexibility in handling the coronavirus crisis, as most of the cases came from just three counties, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

Florida is in much better shape than New York. In fact, though Florida and New York have roughly the same number of people, Florida has a little more than 2,000 deaths compared to New York’s almost 25,000 deaths. And in spite of the higher number of seniors in Florida, there were far fewer deaths in Florida nursing homes than in New York.

DeSantis explained how Florida operated during the coronavirus crisis:

We basically had businesses operating. We had the daycares open, we had recreation open, and my order never actually closed any businesses. We allowed them to operate within the context of just limiting contact between people outside the household.

DeSantis had a common-sense approach to lockdowns, concerned that they hadn’t been tried before and could be harmful to his state. He explained:

One of the things that bothered me throughout this whole time was, I researched the 1918 pandemic, ’57, ’68, and there were some mitigation efforts done in May 1918, but never just a national-shutdown type deal. There was really no observed experience about what the negative impacts would be on that.”

“So I was very concerned about things on that side as well, and I think that’s why I had a more nuanced and balanced approach than some of the other governors. Because you have some of these health officials saying, ‘You’ve got to do this. This is science,’ or whatever. But really, these were unchartered territories.”

Governor DeSantis showed true leadership in looking at the data, the CDC guidelines, the models, the projections, his state’s people and needs, and made decisions that benefitted the people of Florida and largely kept them safe. We need more governors like DeSantis.

Cuomo blames President Trump for nursing home deaths

Governor Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand, didn’t make good decisions for his state, and is now blaming President Trump for the nursing home deaths in his state, which are more than double the number in Florida, saying New York was following Trump’s policy on COVID-19 and nursing homes.

But the “Trump policy” is not the president’s policy, it is the  CDC guidelines. The CDC did not mandate but rather set guidelines for managing COVID-19 in nursing homes, which governors then either implemented or not. The federal government paid for COVID-19 testing and labs.

According to CDC guidelines, COVID positive patients should only be allowed in nursing homes if the home could provide isolation, and dedicated staff to tend the COVID patients exclusively, among other things. But Cuomo went beyond the guidelines when he mandated by executive order, that nursing homes could not reject COVID positive patients.

Taking the time to read the CDC guidelines for nursing homes and COVID-19 will reveal if you have ever been to a nursing home, how hard it would be to meet the guidelines for managing coronavirus patients in a nursing home. The cleaning, the personal protective equipment, and the hourly crises that happen in nursing homes rules out the possibility of meeting the CDC guidelines. Some of the recommendations, e.g. isolation units and air exchange, would require infrastructure changes to facilities, which requires time. The virus does not wait while new infrastructure is being built.

Cuomo has said repeatedly that the most vulnerable population is the elderly, and then deliberately put them at risk, by ordering that no COVID positive patient could be turned away.

So, which governor really followed the CDC guidelines? Which governor is the hero?

Watch a Fox News report on Governor DeSantis’ lifesaving decisions:

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  1. Libtard run states might do well to have a clue when it comes to what successful run states are doing. Generally they are good at goose stepping.

  2. Gov. DeSantis used his COMMON SENSE and INTELLIGENCE.

    Unfortunately, New Yorker’s elected DEM that apparently follow an evil course of commie dictates.
    Too many Americans have died under DEM rule.
    Our govt should remedy this by removing the DEM party totally.
    The CONSTITUTION should be our law of the land under every circumstance and followed to the letter.

  3. We could use someone like him in IL. We have the worst governor. His family escaped to Florida while IL rots.

  4. Being a Floridian I’m so glad that we have Governor DeSantis in our state, he is the best….Thank Ron for being there for us Floridians….

  5. I agree Governor DeSantis did the right thing. He read the guidelines and followed up with wise application. Governor Cuomo does not take the blame he just grandstands and blames everyone else does not do any research puts the vulnerable in danger he is an idiot.

    1. Totally a realistic description of the criminal Cuomo. I certainly hope that the families of the elderly, who he exterminated in the nursing homes, sue him into oblivion. What could his defense possibly be? “Uh, your honor, I was simply perfecting my plans, for when we are totally a communist state.”

  6. Wish he was governor of Nevada; the whole west coast is being vacated at record speeds; due to the overreach of these Nazi like tactics of democrats governors; sounds like Florida governor used his leadership to save his residents and democrats governors are sacrificing their residents for
    another bailout!!!😡

  7. Florida’s Governor has done an excellent job and all of the states should have followed his lead

  8. I feel for all the states with red “holier than thou” dictators. Hats off to Ron DeSantis and all governors still thinking with rational minds. I’m in Indiana. Republican governor Eric Holcomb probably had us locked down a little tighter than some but reasonable enough. I’m in rural Rush county. 43 active cases and 2 deaths. If not for a few masks, you’d never know there was even a virus out there. Got corn 3″ tall in some fields. How about Newsom?! Considers California “The Republic of California”. Got some real sick minds out there.

  9. Wish we had him here in Washington !!! Our gov. is “Out of Control” with Power !!! He has this state locked down tighter than a drum, although it is starting to open up just the tiniest little bit. He and his “climate warming” agenda are the ballot once again – to subject us to Another Four Years (after an
    already Torturous Eight !! – of his idiocy !!!

  10. Thank you for keeping us safe. You positively have served the people of Florida and again thank you.

  11. Ron Desantis is a smart man, he knows what was right and now florida does not suffer like we do in Illinois., smart man…………………

  12. God Bless a great Governor like Ron DeSantis. I wish he could mentor Whitmer in MI to save that state from demise since Snyder, who was a great business person, left. We are screwed!

  13. Gov. DeSantis would make a great President.. look up his education, his time in the Navy, married only once and has three children. He is a Christian and doesn’t get so involved in controversial situations and doesn’t need to be on Twitter or need to have his ego being constantly pumped up. So many more excellent qualications. He is from Florida and we would be honored to have him as our president. He put a prayer in the wall on a trip to lsreal asking God to please don’t let Florida have any more hurricanes. This was when the hurricane caused unbelievable destruction on Mexico Beach. God honored his prayer for the remainder of that year. Please pray for God’s will to be done as this is a very Honorable man. He is also for isreal!

    1. True. GOD has already had His people inline to serve His purposes before His Second Coming to save souls, and to defeat SATAN, the ‘Prince of darkness and his armies’ the greatest enemies of humanity.
      Gov, ‘DeSantis’ is one of GOD’s Warrior Angel that took form in human flesh to fight this great battle together with the Body of Christ to Victory. His name ‘Desantis’ is derived from Latin which means « Sanctus », and « Sanctus » means « Holy ».
      Nothing is an Accident, it’s Enginered by The Most High GOD Himself to save His people (us all).
      SATAN has ruled and terrorized the world for about half ??? Century, humanity have fallen and fallen and we have witnessed it. Because of too much crimes and sufferings many of us have cried to The Merciful GOD, and He heard our supplications, now we stand strong and fight this war together.
      I come to believe that the great wealth that President Trump has, was not an accident, it’s GOD who gave him for the time like this to use it. LBecause the ennemies whose many people called ‘international mafia or deep state or … secret sociéty are in high places have greatest wealth to destroy us.
      Now that SATAN’s Dragon from the East is Wounded after releasing Covid19 to us, we are no longer afraid of them, we have GOD’s Angels like Our greatest President, Our great Gov. DeSantis,… more to lead us . Alléluia 🙏
      And we will never stop praying.

      Kyrie Eleison 🙏
      Christie Eleison 🙏

      1. Yes, always pray for ISRAËL that GOD will bring all the 12 Tribes back to their forefathers’ Holy Land. Right now million Jews come to Christ. A former Harvard’s Professor named Roy Shoeman wrote a Book called ‘Salvation comes from the Jews »; and another Book called « Honey from the Rock » after he had a daylight Vision while walking along the beach, he encountered with Jesus Christ the Living GOD whom he claimed was his enemy.
        Now he quitted teaching job but becoming a full time serving GOD evangelizing to his Jew people to come to CHRIST the True Messiah. When all the 12 Tribes Return Home to Israël, then Our LORD will return.
        SATAN knew that if he allowed the Jews to return home, then his time is ended, that’s why he created Islam to hate, divide and kill both Jews and Christians.

        Pax et Bonum🙏

  14. Had the covi d virus occurred during the Obama admin….there would have been, no lockdown…..This is an election year and The Dems. Wanted to damage the Trump Econ. (His strength)As much as possible before Nov…they are still attempting to inflict Max. Damage on the Country….the Dem. Govs. May keep their states closed till Sept. -Oct……course, still demand the Fed. Continue printing inflationary dollar bills to satisfy their constituents…..Politics…..

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