President Trump signs executive order removing protections for social media

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President Trump is a prolific user of Twitter and has used the platform to do an end-run around legacy media to get his message to the people. He reaches over 180 million people with a tweet. Twitter has enjoyed the benefit of millions of new users that want to read the president’s tweets.

Democrats lean on social media to “fact-check” political ads

But, Democrats in Congress, before the coronavirus hit, have been grilling social media moguls like Mark Zuckerberg and others to crack down on “misinformation” and fact-check because of “Russian” interference.

Maxine Waters bullied Zuckerberg in October 2019, asking him, among other things, if it was true that he planned on doing zero “fact-checking” on political ads? She claimed that Zuckerberg was giving politicians a license to lie. Zuckerberg was in Congress testifying about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency called Libra. It sounds like Waters wanted some quid pro quo. You want Libra, I want you to fact-check political ads.

Twitter decides to jump into mail-in vote debate

Well, Twitter has decided to fact-check…the president. Not the Washington Post, not CNN, but the president. In fact, they used the Washington Post and CNN to fact-check the president. The same news outlets that have been pushing the fake Russian Collusion conspiracy for three years? How about fact-checking that?

But, the Democrats and the left-wing media are arguing for mail-in voting, and Twitter decided to “fact-check” a tweet from the president opposing their pet project.

President Trump knows better than anyone else how news outlets manipulate stories and outright lie about him and his administration, so it is particularly egregious for Twitter to be “fact-checking” him on mail-in-voting which is a controversial topic and for which there is plenty of evidence that it can be used fraudulently to change elections. It is really the fact-checkers that need checking.

President Trump did just that and exposed Twitter’s head fact-checker, Yoel Roth, a very vocal opponent of President Trump, who used biased news sources to fact-check the president’s tweet on mail-in-voting.

The president’s assertion that national mail-in voting would allow for voter fraud and “ballot harvesting”  is supported by evidence, though ballot harvesting was made legal in California before it was used to create a super-majority in California in 2018, effectively making California a one-party state.  The Democrats are desperate to get national mail-in voting so that they can ballot harvest nationally.

Executive order removes liability shield for social media

President Trump signed an executive order to remove liability protections from any social media platforms like Twitter, Google, and Facebook, that engage in censoring or political conduct such as Twitter did when it weighed in on the mail-in voting controversy. Essentially, they would be considered as media like the New York Times or CNN, and would lose their “platform” status.

Google, Facebook, Twitter pigs eat at the federal trough

Apparently, Facebook, Twitter, and Google receive money from the US government because they are neutral platforms. Why would these incredibly wealthy companies need federal money?  Do they really need the money? That money will be withdrawn if these companies continue to censor political speech.

The president also explained why it is important that these companies remain a platform only:

This censorship and bias is a threat to freedom itself. Imagine if your phone company silenced or edited your conversations? Social media has more reach than your phone company…

Watch President Trump explain his executive order:


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      1. When the GOP was going to oust Trump in a brokered convention, Paul Ryan was to be the nominee. Ryan said that if Trump got the nomination he, Ryan, said he would never acknowledge or support Trump. Looks like Ryan kept his word.

  1. Thank you Mr. President!! It’s about time this has been done. Don’t let these criminals gather and sell my information to anyone.

  2. Thank you President Trump for taking actions against these social media sites. I’ve had FB stick “Fact Check info claiming that what I posted had errors ! After they did that about another of my post I did some research. The post was about Obama’s LACK of doing anything about the H1N1 virus when it broke out in April, 2009. Obama finally took action after the head of CDC wrote a article in October 2009 concerning Obama’s lack of action to “save American lives!”
    So after I found several articles posted by ABC, CBS & CNN discussing Obama’s lack of doing anything about the H1N1 at its outbreak in April 2009 and mentioned that the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden published an article in “October 2009.” I reposted my article stating that “Only after that article did Obama decide to take actions to fight the H1N1 virus… It effected millions of Americans with more than 1,000 people dying from it! After FB FACT CHECK tagged my post I added the links to both of these iarticles, including the networks reporting on Obama’s disinterest in helping the American people. I made a point of calling out FB and their twits censoring my post, did the Fact Check tag was removed! So when FB says they do not monitor our post… They sure do!!
    Thanks again from taking this action against the social media.. I love you you do not back down when something is correct but the radials try to intimidate you or outright LIE about you but you stand up against them!! You have my vote in Nov. 2020 and my financial support as I can send you something.. May God Bless you and shield you from the radicals and insane!!

  3. Thank you President Trump😊 you are brave and upstanding and your love for this USA is so apparent. I am so ashamed of these
    protesters that now show the darkness of the lack of civility. This
    protest is also allowing looters to steal, destroy businesses and commit arson. This is hard to explain and is overblown. Some political, some for the death in Minniapolis, but all not something that should be on display from what I hoped from Americans.

    Now, as for Pelosi- what a disgrace and treasonous. She is using the
    Virus to halt any serious work on the stimulus for small business and those out of work. I am annoyed that some big business got the stimulus so someone slipped up in checking that only those eligible receive the money.

    You have made many good moves during these hard times, but you have some great new men around you. Barr is great, but Wray needs to go- not impressed that he is doing anything to improve the issues.
    Wonder if Soros types could be paying for some of these protests and destruction!

    Stay strong. Protect your family as I watch your house and the great job by the Secret Service. Please make your barricade on the North side more secure!

    Thank you for the great job you are doing in a multitude of areas
    with absolute obstruction by the Dems, and their traitorous leftist press.

  4. Hey Mad Maxine, Make all the b.s. threats you want, you won’t be around for very long. You will be ousted after Nov 3. Bye Bye. and good riddance.

    1. AMEN🙏
      GOD Bless Our President DONALD J. TRUMP 🙏
      GOD Bless AMERICA and Bless all Americans who love this nation who support President Donald J. Trump, our 45th forever President. AMEN 🙏

      I tried multiple times to post my comments, but by the time I was about to finish, my comments acting, then disappeared.
      Anyway, Maxine Water is not human, but a demon, and so are 99.99 % of the Leftists. She’ll go back to her nation downstairs 👇🏻before Nov.

  5. I’m writing from Italy and want to let you know that italian media, tv news, dailies, radio programs, are all filtered by CNN news, there’s NEVER a positive comment on President Trump. All news are mocking and teasing President Trump and his policies. They create an absolute negative image of President Trump. Italian people do not even know about the existence of FOX News, so they only have one distorted version of what’s happening in the US. Italian correspondents from NY or BEIJING are all left party extremists who keep mocking the President and give false versions of reality. Very bad for a fair international information.

    1. Welcome to the World of Chaos.
      Agree with you. We already knew, the evils never done any good. It’s our last Greatest Battle between Good vs. Evils. We’re ready.
      Now, The Beast “Red Dragon” from the East is wounded. Yes the Evils Have $$$ and Black magic like witchcrafts, owned major networks and spreading Lied and intimidations, but we have JESUS CHRIST ✝️The Living GOD, The Almighty Who is with us, and HIS Warrior Angels are with us. If anyone wants to know where are those GOD’s Warrior Angels? Just watch how they have devoted their lives to pray GOD. And the powerful weapons given by our GOD is Fasting & Praying 🙏

      Do you see the devils in Thai Alphabets below? Hopefully Christian Daily News sprinkles the Holy water and burn it out.

      Kyrie Eleison 🙏
      Christie Eleison

  6. my/your/our 45th President Donald J. Trump is in the Holy Bible, and he is the great king Cyrus.
    ISAIAH 45
    1. Thus saith the Lord to my anointed Cyrus, whose right hand I have taken hold of, to subdue nations before his face, and to turn the backs of kings, and to open the doors before him, and the gates shall not be shut.”

    Alléluia, Alleluia 🙏🙇‍♀️

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