President Sanders would be a disaster for America

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There is much speculation and discussion about a Bernie Sanders’ presidency. Some say that America would never elect a socialist as president. Others, like Tucker Carlson, warn that Bernie could win.

Sanders has 45 delegates going into the South Carolina primary. Pete Buttigieg has 25, Joe Biden has 15, Elizabeth Warren has 8, and Amy Klobuchar has 7. If he does well in South Carolina on Saturday and California on Tuesday Bernie will be unstoppable.

He is polling at 30% in California which has a whopping 415 delegates. The other candidates can’t get over 15% there.

The primary season is for the faithful, the grassroots, the true believers. Rhetoric from either party is going to be aimed at them. Sanders rhetoric is definitely aimed at what used to be considered the fringe extreme left.  More conciliatory and centrist rhetoric is saved for the general election where either party is hoping to pick up the independents and the undecideds.

The 2020 race for the Democrat nomination is bringing the socialism of the Democrat party into the open for all to see as Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed and lifelong socialist, takes the lead. He actually had a good chance of winning in 2016, but the Democrat National Committee robbed him of the victory in favor of Hillary Clinton. So, we could say that the Democrat party has been openly leaning to the left since 2016. Can an open socialist actually win the presidency of the United States?

When Sanders won the Nevada Caucus, people like Chris Matthews and James Carville sounded alarm bells warning that a Sanders’ ticket means a Trump win in 2020. Carville even said a Sanders’ win would be the “end of days.”

But others, including Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, warn that a Sanders win is possible and that conservatives should not get complacent. Both conservative and leftist pundits insist that Sanders could never win in 2020, but Carlson pointed out that the last person that the media said couldn’t win the presidency was Donald J. Trump.

So here are some reasons Sanders won’t win:

  • Sanders will abolish ICE, end deportations of illegal and criminal illegal aliens, provide amnesty for all illegal aliens, abolish Border Patrol
  • Sanders will bankrupt the country with medicare for all, free college tuition, the green new deal,  and free childcare
  • Sanders praises totalitarians like Fidel Castro and Xi Jinping

Here is why he might win:

  • He is a populist  like President Trump
  • He has a diverse strong grassroots organization
  • He promises free stuff
  • Conservatives may become complacent and think that Sanders can’t win

A Sanders presidency would end any chance of a Republican ever winning the presidency again because he would grant amnesty to all the illegal aliens in the US. The number of illegals in the US range from the admitted number of 11 million to high estimates of 22 million. Conservatives and Republicans cannot afford to be complacent.

President Trump is running against socialism and has openly said that America will never be a socialist nation. Let’s hope he is right.

Trey Gowdy talks about socialism and South Carolina with Dana Perino. Watch:

Late-night comedian Seth Myers provided a humorous explanation of the conflict in the Democrat party over Sanders as frontrunner. We do need a little humor right now.


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