Obamagate is not a hoax. That’s bad news for Barack Obama.

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The media is in full damage-control mode over the scandal known as “Obamagate.” The most prominent coordinating talking point is that Obamagate is a “conspiracy theory.”

So is it a conspiracy theory? The answer is an emphatic no.

Knowledge is power, especially when the entire media is trying to mislead the American people. So let’s learn a little bit about Obamagate.

The Facts

Obamagate is the catchall term President Trump has adopted to name the effort by the Obama administration, the DNC, the fake news media, and Obama loyalists in the intelligence and law enforcement community, the Deep State, to resist, harass, and ultimately take down President Trump, a duly elected president, by convincing the American people that Trump is a Russian asset, and a traitor.

FACT: On January 5th, 2017, President Obama along with his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Vice President Joe Biden, instructed James Comey, Sally Yates, John Brennan, and others on what to do about information sharing with the incoming Trump administration. Instead of sharing information that might expose them, they conceived a way to sabotage Trump’s chosen National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and ultimately, Trump.

FACT: To achieve this goal, the intelligence community colluded with President Obama, engaging in spying on Flynn, lying to the FISA court to get permission to spy on other Trump people like Carter Page, and leaking classified information to the press, among many other things to harass and cripple the president whenever possible.

FACT: Obamagate was highly effective.

Here are some of the achievements of Obamagate:

  • Besmirch President Trump with the dirty Steele Dossier
  • Establish a permanent cloud over Trump’s administration through leaks and TV interviews of former Obama officials
  • Harm Trump’s foreign relations through leaks
  • Ambush and takedown General Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor to President Trump
  • Convince 1/2 the US population, through media, that President Trump is a Russian asset and a traitor
  • Investigation of Trump associates Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and others
  • Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russia Collusion investigation (2 years)
  • Ukraine and Impeachment (six months)

The media rushes to Obama’s defense

With new revelations in the Flynn case and all the documentary evidence to prove that the silent coup to disable President Trump was instigated by President Obama, the left-wing media is going full bore on debunking Obamagate. Testimony from congressional hearings shows that officials like John Brennan and James Clapper, who boasted that there was plenty of evidence that Trump was “in the pocket of Putin” said under oath that they had no evidence of collusion. But fake news journalists continue to say, “nothing to see here.”

Just like Squealer from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, they rush in to “explain” away the evidence and attack those who would say negative things about the “dear leader,” President Obama.

Here are some of their headlines.

  • NYT: Obamagate is a “fake” scandal
  • VOX: The fake “Obamagate” scandal shows how Trump hacks the media
  • Washington Post: The absurd cynicism of ‘Obamagate’ Wapo
  • MSNBC: Fact Checking Trump And Allies’ Push Of ‘Obamagate’ Claims 

Media Talking Point: Obamagate is a distraction

The press argues that President Trump is ginning up Obamagate to distract from his incompetence in handling the coronavirus. This argument is actually projection from the media and the Democrats. They are the ones using the coronavirus to distract from the real issues.

Coronavirus does pose a threat to vulnerable Americans, but Obamagate, or the use of governmental powers and agencies to take down political enemies, endangers Americans as well.

Media Talking Point: Obamagate is a “fake” scandal

This is a media favorite.

They argue that if Obama did something like unmask someone in order to conspire with other advisers on how to entrap this person then it must have been warranted. After all, the 2016 election had been hacked by the Russians, right? Wrong. Unmasking is wrong, and the basis for it was wrong.

Flynn was going to be Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, so the media is fine with taking Flynn down by any means necessary. That doesn’t make it remotely less abusive, illegal, or unethical.

What is the crime?

What crime did Obama commit? By narrowing the question down to the idea of a single crime, the press thinks they have a real stumper.

The real misdeed of Obama was to initiate, orchestrate, and collude to spy on, besmirch, cripple, and harm a duly elected president with all the powers at his disposal. He also ensured that the work would be carried out even after he left office by activating James Comey, eager to redeem himself after his Clinton email blunder two days before the 2016 election. Comey had plenty of willing accomplices like Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and Bill Priestap to help him accomplish Obama’s goals.

Instead of peacefully transferring power to an incoming president, Obama conspired with others to do everything within their power to cripple, trip up, and hinder the new administration. This is the real scandal the press won’t report.

Here is White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on the “crime” of Obamagate:

Fake news ignores the evidence and smears the president

All of the Obama apologists studiously avoid discussing the actual revelations of the Flynn case, and just continually attack President Trump, in the same way they have done all along.

But the evidence that the media is “fake news” continues to grow.

  • When Robert Mueller came up with no evidence of Russia collusion, the media went after Trump’s “obstruction,” refusing to accept that there was no collusion, and refusing to give up their incessant need to take Trump out.
  • When the Democrats in Congress impeached the president, they did so on nothing because there was nothing. There was no evidence that the President was trying to force Ukraine to take out his political opponent. The articles of impeachment contained no crimes.
  • When Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified to unscrupulous behavior in the FBI and the FISA court, the media ignored the evidence and covered impeachment.
  • When documents turned up, thanks to acting DNI Richard Grenell declassifying them, that show Obama’s and Biden’s involvement in the destruction of Michael Flynn, the media cries “conspiracy!” and “fake,” rather than addressing what the evidence shows.

Mainstream or left-wing media have earned their title “fake news,” and the president is right to use it. The American people would do well to question their every word.  They are “Squealers” for the Democrat party and Obama, not journalists.

50 Responses

  1. Obama was the most corrupt and criminal “President” we ever had, a President belonging to the Chicago Mob.

    1. I knew from about 2016 after the election, Obama was going to try and put Trump out of office by creating a sting of such magnitude, it couldn’t be ignored….so did Trump. But the great president as he is,went right to work doing the job of being president. No golf or Mir A Lago for a rest…no he was found in his Oval office hard at work. I wondered at the reason of Obama staying in Washington..something no exited president has ever done. He had all 10 of his fingers in a pot to discredit and dishonor our duly elected man. Now, as promised by Trump, the dirt is being wiped from the windshield…and the true nature of Obamagate will be exposed…and hope…no pray that all the main characters go to prison…and that-includes,,,and he should be at the front of the line…Barak Hussein Obama!

      1. So tired of reading and hearing about obamagate. Now it’s time to charge and convict these liars to congress and fisa, doj. Schitty is on top with obuma, clapper, comey. Commie brennan. Etc. We have been more than patient get it done.

    1. He is just the head of a totally corrupt political where LOBBY is a HOBBY that keeps its hobbled hobbled!! Limp on as the her pimps profit and the pimped get pumped dry n fry homeless in her streets!

  2. Obama should be ashamed of himself for the havoc and heavy expenses tax payers have paid out on the Russian hoax. He wants to keep running the country and if he can get Biden in the White House, then he will continue to pull the strings. I hope the American people are not fooled by his antics and that he pays for the unlawful things he had people in his administration doing. If he doesn’t pay in this world, he will pay in the hereafter.

  3. While holding him accountable for all of his “misdeeds”, let’s not forget that he was an
    Illegal president. A Kenyan citizen, probably a communist, and he hid all personal records of his entire life. The dems are striving to obtain Trump’s tax returns but they have totally ignored the complete absence of ANY records pertaining to Obama.

  4. The public should stop supporting the MSM by not buying their newspaper/magazine. Corporations and businesses should stop advertising by these same public anti-american medias! Perhaps then these so called reporters and publishers will disappear and we’ll become a real nation we can be proud of again!!!!!! Obama was definitely the worst prez we ever had and apparently fooled a lot of our citizen who may have finally awaken to this fact.

  5. Obama is the most corrupt,President in American history.I knew that before ObamaGate come out.The Greatest legacy he left behind was when He left office.

  6. The 90% Democrat-controlled media is what is destroying this country. They spew untruths
    and twist words, knowing well what they are doing. Between the MSM and the Democrat Party,
    this country is divided like never before. Yes, Obama is the worst President ever, and even if
    they don’t criminally prosecute him (such a shame), his legacy will be forever tarnished after all
    this comes out. I hope Comey, Brennen, Clapper, Peter S. and girlfriend, McCabe and others get jailed. What they have done to our country and “duly elected” President is despicable.


    1. they want.dem are above the rules of law..don’t believe that ask Hillary. Those 2crooks are steal free

  8. It is kinda’ funny when you think of all the actual evidence towards “Obamagate” and no actual evidence against Mr.Trump. But still the “fake” media is backing the wrong administration. I have but one question to Mr.Barr. Why not seek treason charges against Mrs.Clinton and misuse of executive powers against Mr.Obama and Mr.Biden? I grew up thinking NO ONE is above the law. Prosecute Mr.Barr! Do your damn job! Obama,Biden,Pelosi,Schiff and everyone trying to take down the Greatest Democracy in world should be charged and punhished to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW! TREASON IS TREASON!

  9. Obama and Biden need to own up. All of this needs to be brought out and the American people need to know the truth. If something is not done this will happen again .

  10. I AGREE wITH Diane Cote.
    NOW! We are tired of just TALK &
    TALK !!!!! NOW!!!!

  11. Yes President and Mr Barr pleSE HELP THE uNITED sTATES AND US cITIZEN OUT BY GETTING RID OF THE Filthy pigs once and for ever. Please!

  12. I am 100% behind my President, I pray he can keep going with all the craziness.! Please, please and please get some indicted for all the crimes against President Trump.

  13. Barr apparently said no criminal charges against Obama or Biden. Seriously? This is not right. Obama was and is the most corrupt disgusting person out there who was the worst president in my long life time. He should be in jail for what he has put this country and our President thru. Biden is NOT any different, corrupt, liar and can’t even speak and make sense, NOT PRESIDENTIAL at all.

  14. Well At Last ! From across The Pond we Have seen the Democrats Perform For 4 Years Now , Trying To Find, Anything about The Duly Elected President And All The Time It Appears That Mr Squeaky Clean and His Unelected President Hilary Appear Not So Clean ? Come On America Get Behind Your President and support America For My Mind He is A Reincarnation Of You General Patten . we Have Our Churchillion in Boris Who Is Fighting Not Only Europe and The Globalistic Masters But The 5 ELLS in Britain , The LIBERAL , LABOUR , LEFTIST , LOONY LOUTS ! We Each Have Problems Right Now , You Say You Love Your Country as I Do So Prove Your Nation is what You say ! Mine Is To Hope we can Put The GREAT back With BRITAIN !

  15. Obama with all the rest of his cronies should be arrested and thrown in prison for treason. They are all guilty of attempting to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States and to attempt to destroy this nation so they could stay in power forever. The firing squad is too good for them. They deserve the worse possible execution that can be determined to rid this nation of these traitors. And the sooner the better.

  16. Prison for all involved and take away all of their benefits for all they cost the American people by using our court systems to try and prove they were right. They deserve the most severe punishment! DO THEY STILL HANG FOR TREASON?

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