Minneapolis Police Department to be dismantled

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Minneapolis, a Democrat-run city for 62 of the last 72 years, is coming apart at the seams. A veto-proof majority of the city council voted to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, a 153-year-old institution. It is no surprise that, in spite of its great age, the police department in a far-left city might have some systemic problems.

The Council said that they made the decision because of the killing of George Floyd. They went farther, saying that policing in the United States is not keeping “our” communities safe. The council president, Lisa Bender, explained the council’s decision:

We’re here because we hear you. We are here today because George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis Police. We are here because here in Minneapolis and in cities across the United States it is clear that our existing system of policing and public safety is not keeping our communities safe.Our efforts at incremental reform have failed. Period.

Thankfully, the Minneapolis City Council is not in charge of all US police departments. Many communities find their police departments and sheriffs to be very good at keeping their communities safe and would abhor the idea of disbanding them.

Far-left mayor, farther-left city council

Far-left mayor, Jacob Frey, does not agree with the even farther-left council, but he will not be able to veto their decision. He acknowledges problems within the police department, and he has been enacting incremental reforms such as body cameras for police officers, and a ban on “killology” or “warrior” style training for officers.

Public opinion has rapidly changed in the last two weeks and Frey’s reforms are no longer enough. They certainly did not save Floyd’s life. Frey, expressing his disagreement at a protest was met with raucous shouting and booing, with protestors shouting “go home, Jacob” and “shame.”

It is unknown what will come of the disbanding of the Minneapolis Police Department, but it isn’t hard to speculate that crime will rise, murders will increase, and decent people will try to get out as quickly as they can before their property values plummet. Perhaps Minneapolis will become a magnet city for organized crime and cartels? Many more rapes and murders will go unsolved, and drug dealers and human traffickers can establish headquarters in the city without fear of police.

What do you think the future of Minneapolis will be without a police department?

Watch this largely white crowd boo and heckle Jacob Frey:


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  1. They are a bunch of idiots! What the good people of that city going to do without the police! Something needs to be done and vote those idiots out of office and make some changes before other innocents people get hurt! Getting rid of the police is not the answer wake up people!

    1. If it will be so, then the chaste woman’ wil be buried and stoned to death alive for her adultery by the sharia inhuman punishment law? Maybe that Sharia law is always flexible since Lucifer is a fallen angel. 🧚‍♀️

    1. Call GOD. They’ll kneel on their knees and terrify/cry out to Heaven where GOD is Dwelling to save them. If they refuse, Satan will kill all of them, the Muslims, the Atheists, and minority Christians among them. The Faithful Christians will be saved in death, but the rest will be thrown down to eternal hell 🔥 .

  2. Those who vote to disband the police will be the first to call 911. They made the decision, they suffer the consequences!!! Very sad that anarchy wins!

  3. Big mistake!! People will end up getting guns to protect themselves, and innocent people will get hurt or killed. Clean up your police department, don’t get rid of it.

  4. Stupidity is rampant in America, particularity in Democrats run states! The city is now turned over to the criminals .

    1. I think America invented the word DUMB. What a STUPID nation.
      Whoever votes democrat must be brain dead like their masters

  5. This is one of the dumbest things that I’ve ever heard of. Good luck with this brainstorm. You’re going to need it.

  6. If the police are dismantled they don’t need the funds for them. With hold the money that is to go to the police and see how long they last. When the thugs take over then they will beg for the police. You can’t have a peasefull city with out the police. What are they thinking, oh i forgot they don’t think.

  7. This really a bad idea. The black community will be the ones to suffer. My advice to anyone living there.. leave. I support the police. There are some that are bad and should not be in the force. But painting all policemen as bad cops is racism. Personally if I was a law officer I would walk away. BLM and antifa has turned this whole racism into a FUBAR. These men put their lives in danger everyday to protect and serve. When governors, mayors, and politicians throw them under the bus to mob rule? I think they need to walk away and let the cities burn. Sometimes a harsh lesson is the only thing that mobs understand.

  8. They are stupid for doing such a thing! There will be a time when someone will need a policeman to help them and none will be available. A very sad situation!

  9. Citizens of Minnesota, you better Wake The Hell Up!!!!!! You have a VOTE, choose wisely!! Vote Straight GOP (Except Rinos) November 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Where are all the criminals going? Try Minneapolis. Maybe the homes of those well paid city council members.

  11. Where are all the criminals going? Try Minneapolis. Maybe the homes of those well paid city council members.

  12. Hey dems, if you defund police department, who you gonna call for help when mobs & thugs come into YOUR neighborhoods to rob steal & destroy??

  13. Get ready demwits, you are getting closer to receiving what you been asking for, it’s way way past time!!

  14. God is the only answer at this point. I continue to be shocked that churches are not calling for prayer & fasting which I heard routinely as a child. That was the rhetoric for solutions to any challenges. It worked to get me out of poverty – coupled with advanced college education and working 40 to 60 hours per week to support my children after a divorce.

  15. I’d be packing up as we speak and I’m sure many businesses will Do the same thing.I sincerely hope that the people who made this decision are among the first to really need the help of a police officer.

  16. I I hope all the supporters of this never need the services of a cop.You just might hear when You call, ” this number is No longer in service due to cuts by the democrats .Call your Mayor

    1. Dirty cop coming out each day. They gave them to much power and it went to there head. No more cover ups all of them must have body cams..

  17. How many of the city council will be voting to get rid of their security guards? I mean they did say that police protection is a privilege so their should be also and they shouldn’t need any. Oh, and by the way, the emergency response units like fire and ambulance wont go where there is a shooting or violent crime if it has not been deemed safe by the non-existing police first so and more deaths and burned down homes and businesses. These people are beyond stupid and the people who voted them in are going to pay the price. (P.S., you wont need fed funds to rebuild because you wont be there for much longer. It would be a waste of tax payer money.)

  18. If I were a policeman in Minneapolis, I would go somewhere else and I would encourage the entire force to leave. Those idiots would soon discover that they had made a dire mistake.

  19. The only thing they can count on is complete chaos. Who do they think will protect them from the criminals?

  20. I think the police, firemen and emt’s should all walk off the job. After all the stores are looted and burned to the ground, taking the entire neighborhood along and the people start looting the homes and government buildings I think the last few citizens will flee and the town will become one of the abandoned mysteries of America.

  21. This is the most stupid thing that can happen. They well bring in SHARIA law as fast as they can. People in this state are going to start using their guns to protect them self’s and it well be blood in the streets. The police need to stop working and let the people who think they don’t need police protect them self’s for a month and they well be begging for the police to come and help. The thugs and looters well be in full force to take what they want. Remember Obama said you don’t own this, the people do. So leave your pay ck on the table for the poor who don’t want to work.

  22. Other cities would be wise to wait and see the result of this cities short sighted hasty actions. Oops! deblase is already moving forward to defund NYPD. Oh man….Thank the Lord for clear thinking politicians like we have in Indiana.

  23. So this means that all the jails in Minneapolis will be opened up and criminals turn loose and then you have the audacity to ask the good people and taxpayers of this country to foot the bill for all the turmoil that was caused there by your stupidness

  24. O’ LORD JESUS, please have Mercy on us sinners. We are truly sorry for having offended You, LORD.
    We the Children of LIGHT Consecrate ourselves to You forever and ever.
    Please LORD, please come quick before these Lawlessness Democrats will destroy all Your Creations.
    O’ how they hate and mock You, LORD, and persecuting Your people for no reason. They made a sinner to be their Messiah, there the poor man was elevated to be ‘god’ to replace YOU, to fool the world so they can carry their heinous crimes against humanity.
    LORD, please never abandon or forsaken us ‘the Remnants”. Stay with us LORD, because without You we are easily falling.

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