Mexico is deporting migrants. Where’s the outrage from the left?

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The US is not the only country deporting migrants. Our neighbor to the south is also sending migrants back their home countries in an effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak there.

When the US deports illegal migrants, leaders of the left like Nancy Pelosi are outraged. They and their media enablers drone on about the fundamental human rights that are supposedly violated by national border enforcement. 

So where are Pelosi and Co. now?

They certainly aren’t condemning Mexico. It seems deportation is a crime only when America does it.

Mexican authorities have emptied the government migrant centers. Mexico has almost 15,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and almost 1,500 deaths as of this writing.

According to Reuters:

In a statement, the National Migration Institute (INM) said that since March 21, in order to comply with health and safety guidelines, it had been removing migrants from its 65 migrant facilities, which held 3,759 people last month.

Most of the migrants, who entered Mexico illegally, have been returned to their home countries, but there are still non-governmental migrant centers harboring immigrants.

In the US, where the outbreak is much worse, CBP has been immediately deporting any new arrivals at the border. President Trump recently signed an executive order halting immigration for the next 60 days with the option to extend or diminish the order as needed. Migrant farmworkers will be allowed to enter the country to work in the agricultural industry.

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  1. What other countries do I am not smart enough to comment on but I do have an opinion on this one. It seams to me that what ever the Democrats do now runs in this against the constitution of this great country that was written by a multitude of people who have proven to be a lot more savvy about such things. What I don’t understand is how this is allowed to happen. If we stick to the constitution we would have to fire half of Washington, it is sickening what I have to see and put up with. If it goes the way it is we will wake of one day and be living in another country ran by Polosi and the very very rich friends doing what they want to step all over the real Americans who would not like for this to happen.

    1. The citizen of American need to exercise the removal of these corrupt politician at the ballot box! I emphasize the word CITIZEN. The dimwit democrats can not win without the help of the ILLEGALS that they have allowed to enter our country and vote!

    1. Mary: I’m quite sure NO politicians at any level, (local, county, state, Federal plus the lame street media) don’t give a hoot what the average, everyday American thinks. The arrogance is staggering by these brain-dead morons who only quote the Constitution and Bill of Rights when it’s convenient for their agenda(s). I’m so sick of the holier than thou of many elected officials and most of the un-elected career bureaucrats who ignore us intentionally. Time for a huge tidal wave of change at all levels of government.

    2. GOD cares and HE loves us so much. HE is waiting for each everyone of us to talk to HIM through Prayers.
      We won the battle in Nov/2016, but we haven’t completely won the war, yet. We will win, but we must not stop praying.
      GOD didn’t make David King without letting him to go through severe sufferings. We all must go through severe sufferings and be humiliated by the people of lawlessness of Democrats.

      Lord have Mercy 🙏

      1. Even GOD Himself had to come down from Heaven and went through severe sufferings much worse than any human had to go through. Why? Because of the Greatest unconditional Love He has for us in order to save our souls from damnation.
        We want to free ourselves and our nation from these anti-CHRIST who are about to wipe out our nation from the face of the earth, then we must pickup the Cross ✝️ following the Lord to Calvary.
        We will defeat the enemies.

    3. Well, you’re wrong! Many of the American people simply put are just plain tired of all of the usual ongoing lies being blasted all over the place by both the Democrats, right long with the “Fake News Media”! So, all that I can say is “stay the course” to save our country from these un-americans who wou;d rather help illegals than or very own American citizens!

  2. SATAN is not interested with small countries like Mexico even if the whole Europe or Africa or Asia nations combined. He has already had them in his hands. He wants only the US. If the US falls then so the rest of the world.
    Stop comparing the US with other nations, but fast and pray. Tomorrow, it’ll be Friday, please Fast, then Pray. You cannot ask or force SATAN’s servants (Democrats) to look onto anything else, when their master ordered them to shoot down the President in every second. GOD told us to pray, then HE will deliver the Result.
    Have No Fear !

    Lord have mercy🙏

  3. The current democratic party should be abolished and overhauled. Also many of the current members of the democratic party, and some of the past members should be held criminally accountable for their actions, SERIOUSLY Punished for their lying, cheating, conspiring, stealing, ect, which have caused so much distrust from the American people.

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