Melania Trump hasn’t been seen since her surgery

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First Lady Melania Trump underwent a routine surgery on her kidneys earlier this month that left her in the hospital for nearly a week. Since then, she has been taking a break from public appearances, instead choosing to rest and recover in the comfort of the White House.

But since nobody in the media has actually seen her since before her surgery, they have devised several ridiculous conspiracy theories to explain her short absence from the public eye.

Conspiracy theories galore

According to Politico, the media is largely blaming President Donald Trump’s White House and their relative silence on the first lady for opening the door for the conspiracy theories surrounding Melania Trump.

One of those theories alleges that Melania has left the White House and moved back to New York City. Another theorizes that she is recovering from plastic surgery.

The more absurd theories include that she is working with the Obamas on a tell-all book and that she is secretly cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller against her husband.

Many of those theories feed off of long-running rumors among liberals that the first lady is unhappy with the president and wants no part of living in the White House with him.

But a more likely theory — said to come from an anonymous source close to the first lady — is that she simply doesn’t care about media attention, and prefers to lead a private life. She likely believes that the media doesn’t care about her or her health and are simply being nosy.

Melania “is doing great”

Meanwhile, the first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, stated recently that Mrs. Trump has been meeting with staff and continues to plan for upcoming events and initiatives, even while avoiding public appearances.

“Sadly, we deal with conspiracy theories all the time, so this is nothing new, just more silly nonsense,” Grisham said of the recent media speculation. “She is doing great. I wouldn’t characterize it as a long absence. She was hospitalized for almost a week and is now home and recovering.”

As even Politico pointed out, the first lady has absolutely no obligation to the media or the public to fully disclose the status of her health — or even share with them what she does with her time on a daily basis.

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Unfortunately, in their bid to avoid reporting any of the good news emerging from the president’s tenure in the White House, the media will run wild with anything that even remotely reflects poorly upon Trump.

That apparently includes conspiracy theories and wild speculation about his wife, who has made it quite clear that she just wants to be left alone.

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