Monica Lewinsky jokes about her controversial past in National Intern Day tweet

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In the late 1990s, former Clinton White House intern Monica Lewinsky found herself the butt of most intern-related jokes. But at least she has a sense of humor about it — or so it seems.

WayUp, a company that connects recent college graduates with jobs and internships, dubbed Thursday, July 26 as National Intern Day — and when the corresponding hashtag gained popularity on Twitter, Monia Lewinski apparently couldn’t believe it, tweeting:

Lewinski capped off her tweet of disbelief with seven “wandering eyes” emojis after making herself the top subject of #NationalInternDay mockery.

Cracking jokes

According to the Washington Examiner, Lewinsky’s joke came at her own expense, given her notoriety as a former intern in the Clinton White House.

Lewinsky, who was in her early 20s at the time, engaged in an affair with the much older then-President Bill Clinton during Clinton’s second term in office.

Clinton infamously denied having any sort of “sexual relations with that woman” when questioned about it, but he was later found to be lying.

Impeachment fail

Clinton’s lies under oath about the illicit White House sexcapades with Lewinsky formed the basis for impeachment charges brought against him by the House of Representatives.

The impeachment effort against Clinton in 1998 failed, however; he was acquitted by the Senate and served out the rest of his tenure in office.

Nevertheless, the affair was added to the compendium of Clinton’s many alleged romances — and has dogged Lewinsky since then, overshadowing everything else she has done in her life.

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In recent years, Lewinski has focused on anti-bullying efforts and initiatives, perhaps in response to the abject bullying she received at the hands of Democrats when she threatened to bring down their beloved president with a sex scandal.

There is no doubt that the whole ordeal and aftermath was a rather trying time for Lewinsky, but she’s clearly come out stronger — and is even now cracking jokes about her infamous past.

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