Fox’s Tomi Lahren, Sebastian Gorka call out Obama for ‘unseemly’ University of Illinois speech

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Former President Barack Obama set aside 200+ years of tradition for ex-presidents when he recently delivered a controversial speech at the University of Illinois last week slamming President Donald Trump while also ripping the Republican Party over a number of issues as he attempted to drum up support for his Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. And now, two Fox News contributors are calling him out on it.

Fox’s Tomi Lahren and former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka blasted Obama for blaming Trump for the nation’s problems and taking credit for the nation’s progress.

It seems there weren’t about to let the former president’s narcissistic speech go unchallenged.

Credit and blame

“President Obama has this wonderful ability to blame President Trump for everything that’s wrong in the country while simultaneously taking credit for everything that’s right in the country,” Lahren said during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

“I think the American people are going to see through it, though,” Lahren continued. “And beyond that, his comments about Benghazi being [a] conspiracy, quite frankly I find despicable. I think the American people right now, patriotic Americans, are going to be made over that and everything else he said.”

She added: “The more he attacks this president, the more the American people are [going to] stand behind their president. It didn’t work for Hillary; it’s not gonna work for Obama or anyone else that goes out on that campaign trail because results don’t lie.”

All about me

Also appearing on Fox & Friends, Gorka called Obama’s speech “unseemly.”

“The tradition, the protocol is former presidents, they go into the background, they build their presidential library, they do charitable work,” he said. “You don’t get involved in politics.”

Gorka added: “And you know what’s really stunning? The Drudge Report had a posting yesterday: Obama referred to himself in the speech 102 times… It’s about me, me, me, me. It is so good for the president, it’s so good for the midterms.”

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Virtually all former presidents have honored the tradition of refraining from partisan attacks on their successors — until Obama came along, that is.

Rather than hang back and allow Trump to govern the country, as he was duly elected to do, Obama is hampering him with slings and arrows launched from the sidelines.

What a disgrace.

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