James Woods called Trump “vain” – and the President actually retweeted it. Here’s why.

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Actor James Woods, no stranger to controversy, is not afraid of the mainstream media or the Democrat party and he is not afraid to “speak truth to power.” Woods has now weighed in on “Obamagate,” condemning it as “treachery.”

President Trump is pointing to former President Obama as the architect of the “Russia Collusion” attack on his presidency, naming it “Obamagate.”

Of course, there has been concerted and massive pushback on that term from the mainstream media and Democrats. But Woods went public for his support of the president and his use of the term, encouraging him to be strong in the face of treachery.

President Trump loves America

In a recent tweet, Woods pointed out that the president may be vain and insensitive, but he loves America. He also said that President Trump is standing between the people of America and the “cesspool” of Washington D.C.

President Trump takes the compliment

The tweet was well received by the president, who seemed to take no offense at being described as vain and insensitive. He tweeted back:

President Trump has endured, since his victory in 2016, endless attacks by the mainstream media, and the underhanded “deep state” subversion of his presidency. The American people, too, have been harmed by the left’s relentless, traitorous, and deceitful campaign to discredit, hamstring, and remove a duly elected president.

So, it is refreshing and encouraging to hear some positive words directed to the president, recognizing a man who so obviously loves America and is willing to take the abuse and stand for the people against the treacherous “cesspool” called Washington.

Beware treachery

James Woods strengthened his words and encouraged the president to “stay the course.” He warned him that “treachery” was the most dangerous enemy and to be wary and strong.

Thanks to the good work of General Micheal Flynn and his attorneys, “Russia Collusion” and “Obamagate” are being exposed for what they have always been: a treacherous attack on America and her president.

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  1. James Woods is 💯 percent right! And I’ll take Trump any day over Democrat’s who are trying their darnest to destroy AMERICA.

  2. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!! He is cleaning out the swamp!! Building the WALL! He knows how to get the economy humming!! (again) And he takes no BS from the enemy within…… he braves all of the traps they lay for him with the help of God……and he recognizes that this country is worthless without God in the middle of every part of our government. He will keep this a nation under God. And I do not know about keeping it indivisible, but we should not give people who want to take away our liberties any choice in the matter. And we WILL see justice for all – if we have our way. Liberty and justice for all. God bless America and our great President and VP….and families!

  3. I LOVE PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.. he is a GREAT COUNTER PUNCHER , he may not be a SEASONED POLITICO , but he tells it like it is , & he get’s things done all the while being BASHED & CASTIGATED by the SLIMY COMMUNISTIC ELECTED LEFT , & THEIR COHORTS THE SCUMBAG MEDIA.. The MAN LOVES AMERICA , & PLACES AMERICA FIRST & FOREMOST in all things that he does , in such CONTRAST to his RACIST PREDECESSOR . TRUMP doesn’t need the treatment he has received. but he endures.. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP , the BEST POTUS in my almost seven decades of life. 2020 is his perfect VISION FOR & ALWAYS on AMERICA’S FUTURE…

    1. Perfectly stated RonnieNYC!!! Couldn’t of said it better and I’ve been around as long as you. It is so frustrating that these leftists just do not “get it” because they are not willing to think for themselves, they would rather join the stupid side and not have to think, just demand and hate. Again, thanks for nothing Obuma.

  4. Given Obama’s disastrous handling of the economy and Trump’s success, who better than President Trump to unscrew this lockdown?

    1. Mr. Malik Obama started to believe that this man Berry Soetoro now Barack Obama is a mystery man (usurper?) and is not his real brother, so he asked Berry to take DNA test, but Berry stayed mum. Since he became President, he has no relationship with the real Obamas. If Obama Sr. is not his real father, then who was it?

  5. It is refreshing! Mr. Woods is not afraid to say what he thinks is right in front of his peers. Now there’s a man. My Ma always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  6. God Bless President Trump! The Democrats and liberals are so destructive to our freedoms and liberties. Obama is still as evil today as he was when he was in office. Just think go into the office as President Worth $1.3mil tops. $450,000.00 per year job 8 years. $3.8mill before taxes. Leave the office buy a $13mil estate in Washington DC a few months later after vacationing in Hawaii for months and buy an estate in Maine for $23mil And still have $68mil in the bank. You tell me where the money is coming from? Speaking Engagements ?? BS!

  7. I always look forward to James Wood’s comments because he cuts to the chase! I hope it helps naysayers see what common sense looks like! Good grief! Who else but Trump would/could put up with this barrage of unending attacks and do it for free! REALL? WOULD YOU DO THAT? He has to care an awful lot about us to stand up for us against the corrupt politicians that make their living off of us, but don’t do a darned thing for us or our country? They are padding their pockets all the while. Please, let’s vote for people from the top doen, who have our best interest at heart. Do your homework and see what they stand for.

  8. Yep, our President is the perfect man to be in our White House at this time in history as I don’t know of any other who would be able to endure all the opposition he has had to go through from the radical left, and STILL continue to do a wonderful job of taking care of our country. When God is on your side, all things are possible, and the strength He gives you is unmatchable. Thank God for our President Trump!!!! We the people are with you 100% !!!!!

  9. I also love our President. He is without doubt the best President we have ever had. He stands up to the other countries that have taken advantage of our country, he takes no guff from anyone, and stands up for his country and his fellow Americans. God bless our President. It actually feels good to use the word again, I have not recognized anyone of the liberal loving idiots we have had in that office for many years. I am proud to say MY PRESIDENT.

  10. Well said james! Donald trump is a street fighter who knows what he is capable of. Many others would have folded by now but in addition to other useful traits he has guts and durability. He is definitely a man for the “terrain the situation and the times”. I for one am grateful for him standing in the gap for our country and its citizens. I pray for his health, safety, and the success for his and my like minded vision for the present and future of our God-given country. Semper Fi!

  11. I’m leaving a reply for all those before me. You said it all. God Bless you, our President and Vice-President, and God Bless the USA.

  12. James is right, President Trump is the greatest President since Lincoln. Constantly attacked for standing up for American’s.
    Trumps will roll through the Democratic Party in 2020 to 4 more years. Americans will see to that. God Bless President Trump, the people are with you.


  14. I will keep praying to God almighty that he will strengthen and sustain President Trump and those in his cabinet! God will expose those evil deeds done in darkness to the light of day and frustrate their efforts!

  15. Thank you President Trump! Thank you Vice President Pence! Thank you families for truly loving and serving our country! May God bless and strengthen you to bring this country back to the founding principles this nation is built on! Courage, wisdom, discernment and humility, may they be your armor in this war for our nation! Thank you! Praying everyday.

  16. I try to read the articles but the popups are becoming a problem. They really interfere with the articles l am trying to read

  17. This whole MESS is Obomas fault Read the book or watch the movie (Obomas America 2016 ,about bringing America to its knees.It willtell you a whole lot. Also if I were a 30–50 year politician, and a person who never held a political office in their life, beat the pants off me, I would be angry too.

  18. This is what it takes to KEEP AMERICA GREAT. To the DEPLORABLES political correctness is a CURSE WORD. Thank God for President Trump. #KAG

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