Is this our life now?

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In this day of stay-at-home orders, face masks, social distancing, and “snitching,” Americans are wondering what the future holds for them. Will their neighbors “snitch” on them if they have someone over to their house?

Will they be violently arrested for not “social distancing?” Will they be assaulted for not wearing a face-mask in public? Is America becoming a police state?

How far will this go? 40 people in New York City were arrested because they were not maintaining social distance. Also in NYC, a plainclothes officer stunned and tackled someone for violating social distancing rules. Stylists are being arrested for cutting people’s hair.

Are we already living in a police state?

Hotlines and arrests

New York City has a “hotline” to report violators of social distancing here. Martin County, Florida has so many snitches, that they asked people not to use 911 to call in violations of social distancing, as their system is being overwhelmed. They, along with many other cities,  have a special hotline for snitches.

The juvenile need to tattletale on your neighbors is being encouraged on many levels. Mayors of large US cities are encouraging people to snitch on their neighbors, and anyone else they see violating the rules during this current pandemic. According to Reason,

“Snitches are emerging as enthusiastic allies as cities, states, and countries work to enforce directives meant to limit person-to-person contact amid the virus pandemic that has claimed tens of thousands of lives worldwide,” reports the AP. “They’re phoning police and municipal hotlines, complaining to elected officials and shaming perceived scofflaws on social media.”


These modern-day “denunciations” set a precedent that is dangerous to America, as it pits neighbors against neighbors, further dividing communities that are already struggling. People should stop and think about what their communities will be like after COVID-19  before they snitch on their neighbors.

Watch Kevin James’ brilliant but chilling short film about snitches:

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  1. If you know anything at all about history, you will realize that both Germany and Russia used “snitches” to see who to round up for Concentration camps or the Gulag.

    1. HL,
      You are correct. BTW, We have those “camps” right here in the U.S already set up and waiting. I have seen one of these first-hand at Fort Drum N.Y. when I was employed there. They were ordered to be “installed” by FRAUD hussein obunghole and called “fema detention camps” complete with stacks of black caskets, and a guillotine for people that refused to be “indoctrinated” , or “reeducated”. I recently got an e-mail from a soldier when I asked if they were still on post, and he replied they indeed were still there. Doubts? Type in fema camps and guillotines in your search engine and prepare to be “enlightened”

  2. We now live in a police state much like Nazis Germany. They too had essential workers and the rest were expendable. Study your history!

  3. Maybe this is a test to see how people respond?Are are just going to accept and become just like the other countries


  5. The democrats have gone crazy. They have set up a Nazi regime and are acting like Hitler. They are really traitors and need treated as such. They are the cause of covid 19 in the US. They used impeachment to cover up covid 19. Shame on Nancy and her husband for selling stocks after she was in meeting on covid 19. If you try to charge Burr the you must charge Pelosi.

  6. Our Potus needs to change his ads to focus on the damage that is going on with all the democraps and their lies, especially how they are training their followers to snitch. He needs to show how it was in Germany in the 1930’s and how Hitler was able to take over because of the way he trained his soldiers and snitches with fear. That is exactly what the democraps are doing with the fear mongering of the lies and the virus. Potus has to get this out because if they win the elections, we lose our Republic and it will be over.

  7. Sounds to me like the new Nazi State! This is exactly how Hitler was able to gain power so quickly in the 1930’s. So we are throwing away the Constitution for convenience! Well, keeping yourself from getting the virus is completely up to individuals. There is absolutely no reason to shut in anyone. If everyone took the precautions to protect themselves, there would be no need for shut in!

  8. If you support Communism . . . Vote for Democrats !!!
    If you love America . . . Vote for anyone other than Democrats !!!

    1. Sadly, many of them didn’t care or they cannot handle the truth. They’ve only watched fake news like CNN, then they started getting weird and weirder each time. They are very violent people as we’ve witnessed after Jezebel lost to Pre. Trump. I believed they are being possessed or at least hypnotized by Demons whenever they watched MSM of fake news.

  9. This bible verse is curious, Revelation 20:4, “: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast…”
    It’s a future event and there are more efficient ways to do away with people, why are these curious, old and inefficient be-headings going to take place, warranting mention in biblical prophesy? I used to think the scriptures had to be in error, as we don’t be-head people any more.
    Then it hit me… a Muslim insurgency has started here and the “honor” be-headings appear to be the vanguard and maybe the future tool of the Antichrist to rid himself of those who oppose his being worshipped as god. The Antichrist could use a fanatical group to eliminate his opposition, by convincing religious fanatics that he’s the return of Allah and they should be-head the infidels on religious grounds. Christians tell people Jesus loves them and you can choose Him, but the Muslims, when in power, say, believe what we say, or we’ll behead you (apparently the caskets and guillotines are ready and waiting)…interesting?

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