India releases “our” supply of Hydroxychloroquine for export to US

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The debate about the efficacy of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine is heating up.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the Coronavirus Response Team and an infectious disease expert, enjoying a 70% approval rating with the American people. urges caution about putting too much hope in the drug to combat the acute symptoms of the virus.

Though the drug has been approved by the FDA for “compassionate” use to treat the coronavirus patient at their request, Fauci continues to remind everyone that there have been no scientific studies to establish the usefulness of the drug in that application. Fauci is a scientist and so, cannot say with conviction, based on anecdotal evidence that hydroxychloroquine is effective. Understood.

However, the anecdotal evidence is piling up that hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc, or Azithromycin can subdue or even eliminate the acute symptoms of the virus.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo agrees with the use of the drug in his state, the hardest hit in the country, saying the anecdotal evidence is positive and supports the use of the drug for some patients. New York is seeing a reduction of hospitalizations as of this writing.

Apparently Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India believes the drug is efficacious and banned the export of it recently, but after a discussion with President Trump,  the Indian Ministry of External Affairs announced that they would be exporting the drug again.

When being questioned about the matter in the daily press briefing,  reporters asked the president if there would be retaliation if India did not comply with his request to send “our” supply. President Trump replied that he didn’t think there would be a problem but if there was, why wouldn’t there be retaliation?

Since that question, the mainstream media has been busy trying to sow division between the US and India.

Please watch the video to see what the president really said.

Happily, the Indian government has agreed to release “our” supply of Hydroxychloroquine, as the president referred to it. India provides nearly half of the US supply of hydroxychloroquine, thereby avoiding any need for “retaliation.”

An Indian foreign ministry spokesman said,

“It has been decided that India would licence paracetamol and HCQ in appropriate quantities to all our neighbouring countries who are dependent on our capabilities. We will also be supplying these essential drugs to some nations who have been particularly badly affected by the pandemic.

Errata: The New York Times has removed its paywall for all news related to the coronavirus, You can go here to see a really good graphic mapping the virus related deaths throughout the US up until April 6.

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  1. I definitely agree this should be used as what the heck do you have to lose? Nothing. If this can possibly safe some lives, then it should be used until someone can come up with a valid vaccine that works for this horrible virus.

  2. Fauci is a fraud and the servant of the big pharmaceutical company. Who benefits from his suggestions.
    1. Who profits from developing the test Big pharmaceutical
    2. Who benefits from reading the test. Big pharmaceutical
    3. Who benefits from waiting for a high price vaccine. Big pharmaceutical
    Why is this rat fighting about using a cheap drug that has been around for 70 years? Because he’s in bed with Big pharmaceutical

    1. Next you’ll blame the President for not providing those drugs to you.
      People like you are only happy when others are suffering.

      1. Maybe this person G knew something, we don’t know. BUT in time like this Dr. Fauci can help, to save lives, we should use his option. Until G can offer solution better than Dr, Fauci, then we will use G’s option. If G cannot offer, we have to use Dr. Fauci’s.

  3. After my husband using hydroxychloroquine for years for rheumatoid arthritis and knowing there were no major side effects, if one of my family contracted corona virus, I would suggest they use it in a heartbeat. If you have something that is killing you anyway, what have you got to lose?

  4. It’s almost like CNN/MSNBC clowns would rather people die. Trump is touting it, so the Left can’t Think straight or with clarity.

    1. CNN/MSNBC are fake news why watch them. They aren’t Americans. Are we sure they’re real human beings??? They looklike are being programmed.

    2. Since the Demonicrats are super-charged against the use of the drug, would they be pleased if we rename it so they would feel comfortable promoting it to the rest of the hesitant world. Let’s name it HYDRA-OXHEAD-CHRONIC-QUEEN, after an elite who is so against the particular drug that President Trump is offering for America.

  5. I think the democrats want us all dead. If your a Trump supporter for sure. I would not be surprised if they had something to do with this pandemic. They want to stop Trump at all cost. What other way but to make him look bad. They did blame him again for this virus. What’s next to blame him for.

  6. Agreed “G”: And he is in cahoots with Clinton Foundation and has been for years. So, he collects not only from Big Pharma, Clinton Foundation, but spouts the drivvle from the democrats. Trace way back and you will find all of the garbage on him and the others. With Obama and Clinton collecting from Big Pharma, what do we expect???????

  7. Sure seems like Fauci is holding out,
    after all the good reports we have heard about this drug.
    I have really wondered if he was a democrat or getting money or owns stock in a big drug company.
    Wonder if the people who have been given this drug and (cured) are still being followed for adverse effects from it? What about the ones taking it for other problems?

  8. No, we are not going to die, we were already vaccinated by a pure, perfect and Holy Blood of Jesus Christ. All Democrats will die will be detached from GOD forever and ever. I’m talking in spiritual means.

    ➡️Watch Bill Gates, he explained in detail about Viruses including this new Covid-19 and vaccine already created.

  9. So, are any of the folks on the left planning on not taking the drug if they get sick? I’ll bet not, maybe we could have msm poll them and give us the results.

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  11. Even governor Cuomo is touting hydroxychloroquine! We are all being suckered! None of this happened during the swine flu pandemic in 2009! Over 18,000 Americans died. Nothing was shut down. Life went on as normal and the news media did not fearmonger like they are doing now. Obama was not hounded by the news media for his inaction. Obama did nothing until over 1,100 Americans had died and then it was a one time TV appearance announcing a national health emergency. Most people do not even remember that pandemic because the news media was mostly silent. Could it be because we had a half black POTUS?? The other thing to consider is that all flu viruses are a danger to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. This time it is no different.

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