Media largely overlooks historic firsts among Republican females in midterms

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In the wake of the 2018 elections, many have noted that several women broke historical barriers with their victories — but the liberal media has focused the bulk of their attention largely on the Democrat women who achieved historic “firsts” with their wins.

There were also several Republican women who achieved — or stand poised to achieve — historic victories as well, but unfortunately, they aren’t receiving equal media coverage. 

First female governors

Firstly, mainstream outlets have largely failed to report that incumbent Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds became the first woman to be officially elected governor of the state of Iowa.

Reynolds had previously served as Lt. Governor under former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who was appointed by President Donald Trump as ambassador to China. Reynolds took over the office in his absence, but now has officially won the position on her own.

Likewise, Republican South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem just became the first woman to be elected to the governorship in that state.

First female senators

On the Senate side, Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn scored a huge victory in Tennessee to become the first woman elected senator in that state.

Meanwhile, though the race hasn’t been officially called — and the latest shifting of vote totals doesn’t appear to bode well — Republican Rep. Martha McSally retains a chance to become the first female senator from the state of Arizona, an honor that could ultimately go to her Democratic opponent, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.

Other female firsts

In the House of Representatives, California congressional candidate Young Kim stands to be the first Korean-American woman to be elected to Congress, according to Fox News. Her race has yet to be officially called, but she holds a lead in the votes counted thus far.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported that it appears Florida has elected the first Latina to the position of Lt. Governor in the state with Jeanette Nunez, who ran alongside Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis for the governorship.

That race has been too close to call since additional votes were “found” in the state’s embattled Broward County.

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Of course, all of these women have received at least a brief mention by the predominately liberal mainstream media, but virtually none have received the effusive and glowing coverage in victory as that received by Democrat women who achieved historic firsts in this election.

For all of the talk among liberals of “equality” among the sexes, it sure would be nice if they’d offer up the same sort of “equality” when it comes to coverage of female firsts — regardless of which party scores the achievement.

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