Sean Hannity has been targeted for removal by ‘Deep State,’ author warns

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Fox News host Sean Hannity has been quite outspoken in his support of President Donald Trump while exposing the “Deep State” government bureaucrats who staunchly oppose the president.

The strong defense of Trump by the top-rated cable news host on a nightly basis has made Hannity a top target by those same “Deep State” actors to be silenced and removed from the public eye.

Such is the belief of best-selling investigative author Jerome Corsi, according to Newsmax, who stated recently that Hannity has been set up to be taken down in dramatic fashion by those who hate his popular voice and message.

“Make no mistake about it, Sean Hannity is being set up for the firing squad, and they won’t provide a blindfold this time,” stated Corsi ominously.

“My sources tell me that the ‘Deep State’ wants to take Hannity out as a major media player,” he continued.

“They see him as Enemy Number One, and they want him off Fox News, (to) tarnish his reputation, and remove him as President Trump’s top media supporter,” Corsi added.

Corsi noted that Hannity had been a client of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and saw the prosecution of Cohen by the government as a means by which the “Deep State” would seek to attack and undermine Hannity.

“The raid on Michael Cohen’s office gives the Deep State another major avenue to torpedo Hannity,” Corsi said.

Those allegations and much more are discussed in Corsi’s new book “Killing the Deep State,” a defense of Trump’s presidency against those within the government who would destroy it.

Corsi’s book examines and exposes the plot by current and former high-level federal officials — led by former President Barack Obama — to oust Trump from office and take out anybody who dare associate with him.

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Given Hannity’s incredible popularity and fearlessness in speaking out against the “Deep State” efforts to undermine Trump, it is no surprise to find he is their next major target to be taken down and silenced.

If true, things could get very ugly for Hannity pretty soon, but it is virtually guaranteed that he won’t be going down without one heck of a fight.

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