Sean Hannity: Sources say ‘nothing illegal happened’ during Trump call with Ukrainian leader

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Democrats and the media were clutching their pearls all week in regard to anonymous reports that a so-called “whistleblower” had lodged a complaint that President Donald Trump illegally made certain “promises” to a foreign leader in exchange for an unspecified benefit, and per usual, the left was off to the races in high dudgeon over the unproven allegations.

As it turns out, subsequent reports have revealed that the foreign leader in question was Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and rather than make illegal promises, Trump asked Zelensky repeatedly to reopen an investigation into alleged corruption in Ukraine involving former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Those more recent accounts of the call’s true substance were seemingly confirmed by Fox News host Sean Hannity, who suggested that his own sources had informed him that “nothing illegal happened” on the call and that there was “no quid pro quo whatsoever.”

“Nothing illegal happened” on call

The Washington Examiner reported that Hannity’s “bombshell” undermining the media’s prior reporting on the subject came during his Friday afternoon radio program.

“So now we get the big, breathless, hysterical reporting by The Washington Post and then echoed everywhere all over the mob, the media mob,” Hannity said. “And, allegedly, a whistleblower complaint about troubling promises that Donald Trump may have made to another world leader on the phone.”

“And the next day, we believe it was Ukraine. OK,” he continued. “Now, I know people who are familiar with this matter. Familiar with what the so-called whistleblower has.”

“I have been told in no uncertain terms that nothing illegal happened on any telephone call,” Hannity claimed. “There was — their words, quote, I’m reading what I wrote down — no quid pro quo whatsoever.”

“And the only thing you might glean out of it is the president was asking, because it’s been reported widely, on this program — John Solomon, Peter Schweizer, others — that this whole issue with Joe Biden, yeah, is true, and the issue of whether or not Ukraine has evidence that they were working on behalf of the Clinton campaign.”

Possible trouble for the Bidens?

If Hannity’s sources are to be believed, then the media has been pushing “fake news” all week that is about to blow up in their faces, as it was not President Trump who did anything wrong, but there is a strong possibility that Joe and Hunter Biden may have engaged in criminal activity related to the latter’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Democrats have apparently ignored the more recent reports adding further information and clarity to the story and insist on conducting investigations based off of the initial accounts that contained sparse and misleading information.

As it turns out, peeling back the layers of the Ukraine story may well reveal questionable, perhaps illegal conduct by the Bidens, and Democrats may come to regret that they initiated the deeper inquiry in the first place.

Once again, we see the left has run full speed ahead with its latest gotcha attempt on Trump, only for it to blow up in their hands.

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