Criminal released: 80-year-old stabbed to death in Houston

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A career criminal with more than 60 arrests took the life of Rosalie Cook, an 80-year-old woman in a Walgreens parking lot in Houston who was picking up a prescription.

Lewis was hanging around in the Walgreens parking lot before he took Rosalie Cook’s life. According to : Randy Lewis, 38, was reportedly menacing people and begging for money at a nearby grocery store before the crime.

When Cook returned to her car, Lewis approached her and stabbed her in the chest. While she lay on the ground dying, he rifled through her belongings and then tried to steal her car, according to Houston Chief of Police Art Acevedo.

Law enforcement arrived on the scene and ordered Lewis out of Cook’s car. Lewis got out of the car and rushed the officer while brandishing his knife. The officer then used lethal force, fatally shooting Lewis twice.

Why was Lewis on the streets?

Lewis was free to murder Rosalie Cook because he had recently been released from a psychiatric facility into a care home, and he was out on bond for two felonies, including assault.

Houston police chief blames criminal justice and bail reform

Art Acevedo, the Houston Chief of Police, blamed criminal justice and bail reform for allowing Lewis to be free. He pointed out that there has been a 50% increase in murders in Houston this year, bringing the number to 125.

As the press focused on officer-involved shooting, Acevedo responded by pointing out there are more criminals on the streets putting the community at risk. He then went off on the judges that release criminals into the community. Acevedo asked the press to focus on the injustice of that.

Who is the judge that released Lewis?

The judge who released Lewis back into the population is elected Judge Herb Ritchie, serving his second term in Harris county. He serves in the 337th  criminal district court.

Ritchie includes his view of justice on his Harris County bio page:

“I believe in and will work for a system of justice whereby every person, regardless of status, receives fair and equal treatment under the Law.”

Where is Rosalie Cook’s fair and equal treatment under the law?

Watch Chief Acevedo address the press after the murder of Rosalie Cook’s murder:

32 Responses

    1. If he was going to be released from a psychiatric hosp. to a halfway house, with his past record, he should have been wearing a monitor.
      This was a dangerous man and a innocent lady was murdered.

    2. The liberals want to do this to our country. They free criminals to feed on innocent people. They ,care about THEIR rights and the devil with the victim’s rights. Arrested 67 times, please.

    3. The judge should be charged with double homicide. It was quite obvious that Lewis should have been held indefinitely until it could be confirmed he wasn’t a danger to himself or the community. The judge should be held responsible and stand trial for his decision which resulted in the death of Lewis and an innocent 80-year-old grandmother.

  1. Several headlines like this will be coming from California when the governor releases their criminals because it costs too much to keep them locked up.

  2. I feel horrible for the victim and subsequent pain her family must endure. Not surprisingly, I feel very little or nothing for her killer. The world will no longer have the need to feel the pain of any future crimes he undoubtedly would have committed. Doesn’t seem very Christlike does it. I’m only human.

  3. Judge Ritchie ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary; he won in the 2016 General Election by (50.93%) over Incumbent Renee McGee (49.07%). Had he not been so liberal by releasing criminal Randy Lewis onto the public Rosalie Cook would still be alive!

  4. These liberals judicial officials who are responsible for releasing these dangerous convicts early for what ever reason need to be held accountable. The law abiding citizen is not safe anymore.

  5. Fry that turkey!
    Don’t release anymore criminals. Give them mask like I have to wear. Let them scrub down where they stay like I do.

  6. Send the CRIMINALS to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumar house with TENTS. Or maybe JUDGE SULLIVAN’S HOUSE.

  7. What A Great Police Chief… Yes You The Press Fake News Need To Start Going After The Politicians & Judges Who Leave Our Communities & Streets Unsafe…. Not Always Attack The Police…

  8. Any judge who lets a man out into the streets again after he’s been arrested 67 times deserves to be removed from the bench.

  9. Hope you can live with your kind of justice mr. ritchie….You let out a dangerous man just so he could claim the life of an innocent old lady.
    Hope it will forever haunt you……….and I hope when you come for re-election, the whole town will turn against you………….

  10. Our Criminal justice System & Many Democrat Criminal Judges , Have allowed these deadly convected Criminals to be released like using a revolving door or turn style .. Our Hard Working Law enforcement Catch them & then these so called Judges turn these Bastards Loose.. An immediate change must. Be made & new stronger sentencing Guidelines added.. Enough is ENOUGH..We need Trump to step in and fix this . Trump is our only hope.
    GOD SAVE AMERICA bob lehr in Florida. 😡😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. The civil war is here, prepare to defend yourselves, stock up on can, and dry goods, food shortages,and higher prices are here.

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