CNN report criticizes First Lady Melania Trump for having ‘virtually ghosted’ Americans amid shutdown

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The first lady really can do nothing right in the eyes of the liberal media.

A new report from CNN criticizes the first lady for allegedly “ghosting” — or ignoring — the American people and the media as the ongoing partial government shutdown enters its second month. “The first lady has virtually ghosted,” writer Kate Bennett reported.

Indeed, despite the fact that the shutdown has limited her team of staff that sets up her public appearances — and the fact that the media hasn’t exactly shown fondness toward the first lady over the years — the mainstream media now isn’t happy that they aren’t seeing enough of Mrs. Trump. She really can’t win.

Few public appearances

In her lengthy piece for CNN, Bennett delved into what the first lady has — and hasn’t — been doing since the shutdown began in late December.

According to Bennett’s report, Mrs. Trump has only taken part in a small number of public events since the shutdown began, including fielding calls from children on Christmas Eve, attending the Christmas Eve service at the National Cathedral in Washington, and accompanying the president on his post-Christmas visit with the troops in Iraq and Germany.

But Bennett made sure to note that the first lady has nevertheless done some traveling of her own in the meantime, most recently with her trip to Mar-a-Lago in Florida with son Barron for the MLK holiday weekend.

Mrs. Trump’s government plane — which she is required to fly in; commercial isn’t an option for the first family — took off right around the same time that President Donald Trump grounded Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic congressional delegation that was set to embark on a week-long overseas trip instead of negotiating an end to the shutdown.

She flew to Mar-a-Lago during the shutdown

Bennett went on to report that the first lady did host the annual New Year’s Eve celebration at the Mar-a-Lago resort — albeit, without the president — but she lamented that it was an understated affair in comparison to prior events, and was closed to the media.

But even with a significantly trimmed-down staff, the first lady has continued to do her job and plan for future events that will occur once the shutdown has ended.

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham — who has remained working in spite of the shutdown –told Bennett: “The first lady is in daily communication with her staff.”

“We’ve been using the time to plan for upcoming White House and initiative events,” Grisham added.

Still, Bennett seemed to ignore the impact of the shutdown even as she wrote about it. She even made sure to express her feminist ire at the president’s joke about the first and second lady making salads for the Clemson University football players, a quip that came during the fast food extravaganza he had prepared for the NCAA champions on their visit to the White House since most of the White House kitchen staff is furloughed because of the shutdown.

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The truth is, nothing done by the first lady will ever satisfy liberal critics like Bennett.

Had Melania Trump remained front and center and hosted all sorts of public events over the past few weeks, she’d have been criticized for wasting money during the shutdown, yet when she instead keeps a low profile, she is criticized for “ghosting.” What gives?

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