Clinton ally: Bill’s treatment of Monica Lewinsky was ‘horrible and wrong’

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Liberals have embraced the #MeToo movement as a step forward toward equality and justice for all Americans — but they probably didn’t anticipate that their push against sexual assault and harassment would reignite decades-old controversies that they once tried to cover up. But there’s no going back now, and even close Clinton family allies aren’t afraid to call out the couple for their past actions.

Case in point: former Democrat Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime close ally of the Clinton family, just revealed that he thinks his dear friends did a “horrible thing” to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the late 1990s.

“Should Bill Clinton have resigned?”

According to Breitbart, that McAuliffe’s shocking admission came during a Sunday interview with MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on her self-titled program, Kasie DC.

Hunt asked the former governor: “Given what we know now and the way this movement has unfolded, should Bill Clinton have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky scandal?”

“This was 25 years ago, it was difficult — different standards,” McAuliffe hedged initially. “I think people looked at it in totality.”

McAuliffe went on to explain how standards are different these days than they were 25 years ago — but he still seemed to suggest that the manner in which the Clintons smeared Lewinsky following the infamous White House affair wouldn’t fly if it were to have occurred in the current #MeToo envirnonment.

“The behavior was horrible and wrong”

Pressing further, Hunt asked the former governor: “Do you think the Clintons victimized Monica Lewinsky in that, do you think the way they dealt with her would be tolerable today?”

McAuliffe didn’t hold back in his response: “No, I don’t. I think it was a horrible thing 25 years ago,” the former governor said. “As you know, we’re very good friends. I told the president back then it was a horrible thing. I wrote about it in my book.”

McAuliffe continued: “He paid a horrible price. He paid a horrible personal price. He paid a horrible political price. But people looked at the totality,” McAuliffe added, referencing the impeachment process that arose after former President Bill Clinton had lied under oath about the affair, “the things he accomplished when he was in office, people made a decision back then — they had gone too far.”

But at the end of the day, the former governor couldn’t excuse the former president’s actions. He added: “Clearly the behavior was horrible and wrong, and I told the president it was wrong.”

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This is just another example of bad press surrounding the Clinton family, and now, even their close friends are throwing them under the bus for their despicable actions — even those that were once glossed over and even defended as politically necessary.

At the end of the day, the Clintons’ treatment of Lewinsky was just as “horrible” 25 years ago as it would be today. It’s too bad it took Dems a quarter of a century to realize it.

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