Bill and Hillary Clinton attempt to rewrite history after their fall from power

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Rewind about three to four years back and we find former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sitting on top of the world — the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee with a clear path to becoming the first female president.

But then the scandalous coverups surrounding the deadly 2012 Benghazi terror attack and her unauthorized use of a private email server to conduct classified government business began to crumble, then-candidate Donald Trump surprised everyone in the Republican Party primary and the 2016 election, and everything that had been so carefully arranged for Clinton fell apart.

The Clintons’ current reality is a far cry from what they anticipated just a few short years ago. In fact, a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll reveals that Democratic voters have overwhelmingly ditched Hillary. Roughly 70% said Hillary shouldn’t try again in 2020.

Tougher hustle these days

Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary used to command massive fees on the speech circuit, but their current publicity tour — “An Evening With The Clintons” — is in trouble. Tickets to some events which initially sold for as much as $325 recently wound up on discount sites like Groupon for as little as $35, $50 and $72 apiece.

The heavy discounts don’t bode well for what is widely viewed as an effort to lay groundwork for yet another run at the presidency in 2020. The magic touch they once held over the general public appears to be evaporating.

Nevertheless, they “persist,” and continue to travel, peddling their versions of “most impactful moments” in recent history to whomever they can get in the door.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to realize the “impactful moments” the Clintons focus on are not the moments where they failed or were portrayed poorly, but rather are a sort of rewritten history that portrays themselves in a glowing light of positivity.

Rewriting history

Indeed, you’ll hear little about Bill Clinton’s dalliances with other women. You’ll hear little about his impeachment and little about his legislative achievements that have since been reversed by his successors or overturned by courts.

You’ll hear next to nothing about Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi or her email scandal. You won’t hear how she treated the aforementioned women who’d been victimized by her husband, or any of the other scandalous failures that have plagued her from the White House to the Senate to the State Department to the campaign trail.

Hillary Clinton has twice failed in her bid for the presidency — first in 2008 to then-Sen. Barack Obama, again in 2016 to Trump — but all appearances suggest that she may still believe that the third time’s the charm.

Unfortunately for her, the American people have had ample opportunity to learn all there really is to know about the Clintons. Their efforts at rewriting history in their favor and to set the stage for yet another run at the Oval Office will be just another failure to add to the list.

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In just a couple of years, Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being on top of the world to political has-beens with no power or influence. No amount of historical rewrites will change that.

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